Ballerina Shoes For Women And Kids in Dubai, UAE

Ballerina shoes are highly popular among women and kids because of their style. These shoes are also known as pointe shoes or ballet shoes. The best thing about this type of shoes is that they are available in plenty of designs and styles to match the personality of different people. Furthermore, it goes well with most of the clothes.Ballerina shoes are generally light in weight, so they are comfortable to walk in.These type of footwear are generally made from satin, canvas or soft leather. 

These days many people prefer to buy ballerina shoes for women and kids online.Online shopping is considered as an hassle free, quick and fun way to buy ballerina shoes. You can browse amazing collection of ballerina shoes for women and kids online. This highly reliable and reputed online shopping store carries an exclusive collection of ballerina shoes from the high end brands at the best possible prices. 

So what are you waiting for? Go online and browse this website to buy a stylish pair of ballerina shoes. Here you will come across variety of options in terms of sizes, colors, designs and styles. So, choose the pair that best defines your style and personality.

Branded Loafers Shoes For Men And Women Online In UAE

Do you ever bought loafers shoes for men and women online in UAE ? If not then you must try buying this pair of shoes online.You can browse an amazing collection of loafers shoes for men and women online in UAE. There are plenty of options available here, so there is a great chance to find the particular style that you are looking for. There are so many benefits of loafers shoes for men and women online in UAE. 

The main benefit of buying loafers shoes for men and women online is that it saves a lot of time and energy. To buy shoes from a supermarket located at a distance from your home, you will have to get ready, get into your car and move to the nearby supermarket.However, in online shopping you can buy the desired pair with few clicks of your mouse.

There is no need to spend your valuable time and waste your energy to find the stylish pair of loafers shoes for yourself. Instead you can go online and make few clicks of a mouse to find the right pair of loafers. Along with this, there are many other reason to buy loafers online.So, whenever you need a new pair of loafer shoes, you can go online and shop.

How To Choose Branded Belts For Men And Women

Belts are popular fashion accessories for men and women. This accessory is widely used by men and women to hold pants up and to enhance the look of an outfit. However choosing the right belt for men and women is not that easy. You need to consider a lot of things when buying belts for men and women. The main thing that you need to consider is the width of the waistband. Make sure that you choose the right width. Women’s belts are usually smaller and narrower in comparison to men’s belts. You need to consider your figure to choose the right width of your waistband.

 Thin people should go for narrow one. On the other big people should look for wide belts. Material is also important to consider when choosing belt. Go for leather belts because they look elegant and stylish. 
To buy branded belts for men and women at decent price and reputed online shopping stores of UAE carries an amazing collection of belts for men and women from high end brands. 

Therefore, it is a perfect destination to buy stylish belts for men and women. The web store often offers discounts on branded belts to its customers to increase their sale. The impressive collection of branded belts for men and women available here will provide you great shopping experience.

Men And Women Matching Fashion Watches In UAE

When two people are in love they like to share everything, including watches.There are many couples who prefer wearing matching watches.Matching men and women watches just a way to create a link between the lovers that shows they are a united pair.

In fact, wearing matching watches is an expression of devotion that the people wear to show the world.These days, matching watches for men and women are available in variety of styles to choose from.

There are many online stores in UAE that offer matching watches for men and women for buying stylish pair of watches for men and women.This highly reputed online shopping store of UAE Carries a huge collection of matching watches for men and women to choose from. Here you will get variety of options in terms of designs, styles and colours in watches to choose from.

The exclusive collection of men and women matching watches here from the high end brands will provide you great shopping experience.The best thing about buying couple watches at this website is the deals and discounts that are often offered here.Thus, by choosing to couple watches at this website, you can make huge savings.

High Heel Sandals And Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

High heels shoes are widely famous among women with wide feet because they make their feet appear narrow. Furthermore, high heel shoes add grace and glamor to their look.Therefore, there are many women who are crazy about high heel shoes. A stylish pair of high heels shoes can bring a dramatic change in your looks. Furthermore, it helps make you look taller and slimmer. So, buy a stylish pair of high heel shoes now. You can buy a new pair of high heel shoes online as well as from brick and mortar stores.

 However, buying it online is preferred by many women because it lets you get designer pair at decent prices. Most of the online shopping stores offer high heel shoes at decent prices.You can get online a stylish pair of high heel shoes for women with wide feet at decent prices.

This web store carries an amazing collection of high heel shoes for women to choose from.Here you will come across plenty of designs, styles, colors and sizes to choose from.Furthermore, you get the convenience to get the best pair of high heels while enjoying the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? make few clicks with your mouse and browse the best pair of high heels shoes.

Blast from the Past

Today I thought i'd reminisce on some past projects I created when I was 14- 16 years of age.
 First up is my favourite that I made when I was 16, at this stage of my life I was addicted to the TLC show 'Toddlers and Tiaras', so naturally I decided to make a glitz pageant dress. Some may think its a tacky concept with bad values placed behind a glitzy dress, but for one I loved every minute sewing over the top sequin trims and curly frills!
The next dress was inspired by Australia's beautiful Great Barrier Reef. At the tender age of 16 I wanted to use colour, and lots of it! This dress in particular probably took the longest time to make, but at the time I thought it was worth it. By now you can probably tell my fashion sense is very over the top and full of colour!
when I was 14, there was a part of me that still secretly believed in faeries, so why not make a fairy dress for that off chance that they do exist! If barbie ever needed another fairy dress for her extensive wardrobe then this would be almost perfect for her!
Last but not least is my blue Cinderella like gown, that I wore once to a teen pageant and then a fashion design competition. I can still remember clearly quickly sewing on the sequins on both days of these events, minutes before I went on stage. Lets just say i'm probably not cut out for the hectic pageant lifestyle!
Anyways I hope you enjoy looking at my past sewing projects and got a little glimpse into my past.

Nail Color Trends

Nail Color Trends - It is wisely said that “Beauty” is the real ornament of a woman. Trying attractive colors on your nails is a good way to demonstrate your attention towards beauty. In year 2013, various nail color trends have been introduced. 

The tricks and methods you used to apply these colors on your nail have the same importance as that of the selection of colors. You can create and design your own nail by taking one of the nail color trends discussed below. 

If you are among those who admire dark colors then for sure you would love to apply grey or fleet colors. Along with these two, you can also try dark mauve, black, indigo or brown colors if you are striving to append modishness and elegance on your nails. In case of nail color 2013 year has been flooded with the usage of gold or silver colors. Ordinary nails look shiny and glistening after spreading few pots of gold or silver color. Also, it would look luminous if you use the mixture of two separate colors.

Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories,fashion accessories 2013,fashion accessories for girls
Fashion accessories have become one of the most common things among the fashion freaks. Today there are ample of fashion accessories available for the fashion lovers that include designer bags, hats belts, eyeglasses and much more. The fashion accessories are one good way to enhance your looks and get the appreciation. Accessories play a vital role in making your overall appearance more worthy and enticing. At the same time, if fashion accessories are not used in a proper manner they could create a big fashion disaster or blunder. That's why before wearing any fashion accessory, it is very important to have the right kind of selection and attitude to carry. 

Here we will look at the some of the best of fashion accessories that help the people to make their own identity in today's dynamic fashion age. Handbags are among the most popular and eye catching accessories for the females. You would not find hardly any women in the street without having a handbag or a clutch. Some of the renowned handbag brands like Gucci, Versace and other brands. There are also some handbags that come with the trendy design and handicrafts which are very much liked by the youths. This gives them the feel of traditional art and culture with true artistic impressions by the traditional handcraft artists. 

Accessories for the men's: Like females, men too love the fashion accessories. They just love to be the part of the latest in trendy fashion with the trendiest deserving fashion accessories. What's more important for them are not the vibrant colors, but the style. Males are not too choosy with the colors, but they mostly prefer style to make an impression over the girls. Talking about the style, the accessories that make men's stylish are the designer shoes, belts, sunglasses, bracelets, and of course the watches.

There are many fashion stores that sell all branded and non branded fashion accessories both for male or females. Though, these days the best place to buy the latest fashion accessories are the online shops. Here you will get a wide range of branded accessories with the discounted price. Guess more what you will get more apart from buying accessories is the special cash backs on the next purchases. This has made the online stores very successful and popular among shoppers. So, next time when you are going to buy some trendy fashion accessories then not forget to check out the online fashion stores first.

Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume Review

Jimmy Choo Exotic is a hot new limited edition fragrance for 2013 that reflects a free spirited and confident vibe! This perfume is for the exuberant character gal, who sparkles with her mischievous and sexy personality.
Jimmy choo's iconic signature python skin used on their accessories and shoes, is featured on the box to display and reflect the perfumes luxurious and exotic scent. The intense fushia bottle symbolises a glamorous and expensive lifestyle of a playful and strong woman.
This fragrance is perfect for the up coming warm months in Australia, the fresh and fruity scent is suitable for the beach and tropical night life.
Once spritzing this fragrance on you'll be certain that you will be smelling great for hours without having to re apply. The scent will start out magnetically strong and then fade into a soft intoxicating sexy fragrance.
Overall I give this fragrance a 4.5 out of 5 stars, it's almost perfect and is suitable for any lovely lady who is after the wow factor!

Top notes include black current sorbet and pink grapefruit.
Middle notes feature tiger orchid, exotic passion flower and floral notes.
Base notes are patchouli and tart raspberry.

How gorgeous is the bottle design!
The free bag with Jimmy Choo Exotic makes a great beach tote for the upcoming summer!

Vintage floral

Today I wanted to create a print inspired by vintage floral wallpaper with a modern twist. I wanted the original motif to look old and worn with faded floral paintings, and then modernised by turning it into a mirrored print. I would love to one day get this printed on some silk fabric and make some light palazzo pants out of it, or even a shabby chic bed cover!

Top Clothing And Shoes Brands In UAE

People these days are very conscious about clothes and shoes they wear. They generally prefer to wear branded clothes and shoes as that helps them depict their sense of style and fashion. Furthermore, branded clothes and shoes add to the personality of the wearer. Internet is considered as a perfect place to buy branded clothes and shoes in UAE.

You can get lay hands on branded clothes and shoes in UAE. Here you will come across an exclusive collection of shoes and clothes from the high end brands. Top clothes and shoes brands available at this website are listed below.

Aldo : this Canadian based company offers an amazing collection of shoes and fashion accessories for both men and women. Aldo shoes is a perfect choice for young fashion conscious men and women.

Dune : 
It is one of the most popular brand of fashion footwear and accessories.
This company is based in London and have presence almost all over the world.

Bench : This highly popular clothing brand has presence all over the world, including Europe, Canada and Australia. This company is famous for offering an amazing collection of clothes for men and women. Along with these three, there are many other high end clothes and shoes brands in UAE.

Difference Between Men And Women Boots

Boots are highly famous among young fashionable men and women. The best thing about this type of footwear is that they go well with most of the casual outfits. While shopping for men and women boots, you will come across variety of options that will make your shopping a pleasant experience. However, before going out for shopping, it is important for you to understand different between men and women shoes. 
Men Boots

The main different among them is that women’s boots are narrower in comparison to men’s boots. Another difference is that, woman’s heels are proportionally narrower than man’s boots. Furthermore, woman’s boots has a higher arch than a man’s boots. Now you know the difference between men and women boots, you will be able to choose the right pair easily.


Internet is a perfect place to buy men and women boots. You can browse men and women boots collection online at This highly reliable and reputed online shopping store carries a wonderful collection of boots for men and women. Here you will come across boots in variety of styles, designs, sizes and colors to choose from. Different styles of boots are available here to meet the requirements of different people. With few clicks of your mouse, you can choose the style that best suits your personality.

Beach Favourites!

After hanging out in the sun and surf for the past couple of weeks now, I thought it would be time to compile a look book full of my favourites and must haves for summer! An up coming trend for swimwear in oz is the 50's style flashback mixed in with some awesome floral prints. 70's flare leopard print is back and is going to look hot on the beach! Earthy tones combined with a pop of bright colour will have you set for the summer ahead. 
Don't forget to fake tan before heading out and to always apply plenty of sunscreen! St Tropez is the holy grail of tanning brands and will keep your skin golden and glowing without the harmful UV rays. 
So put on a big floppy hat, with a matching bag of course, and head off for some fun and unforgettable times with the sun, sand and surf!

Kim Kardashian Fashion

Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian Fashion, Kim Kardashian Fashion 2013,Kim Kardashian Fashionand style, Kim Kardashian Fashion pictures

Kim Kardashian Fashion - One of the favorite actresses is Kim Kardashian who stars her carees in television serial, she has sexy body, exotic skin color and beautiful face, many women also follow Kim Kardashian dresses as their fashion trendsetter.

Kim Kardashian Fashion 2013 - The reality star, 32, wants to  break away from the ”media circus” surrounding her family and will keep her personal life private when Keeping Up With The Kardashians returns to the E! network. “You won’t be seeing North even once on the new season, Kim decided no way is she going to be part of this circus,” a source said.

“Kim doesn’t want to film this show anymore. She’s changing her image and breaking away from the family. She’ll be moving into her house, but doesn’t want the cameras inside her new house.”

Kim recently hired publicist Ina Treciokas this week, after sacking long-time publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, who represents her sisters Khloe and Kourtney.

Kim Kardashian Fashion Style - We hope you enjoyed it and if you want to get the pictures in high quality.

Kim Kardashian Fashion pictures