Vatican City Tailoring

My recent tailoring project at Fashion college inspired by the architecture and paintings within the Vatican City! 

Men's Fashion Trends 2013

Men's Fashion Trends 2013 - Solid colored suits and shirts are all the buzz. Really, keeping things simple, clean, and boring with just a splash of exciting is what it is all about this year. 50 shades of GREY, grey, grey. Grey suits are in style.
The more pale the better.

This season, although bright colours are again proving to be a popular choice, fashion designers and high street retailers alike have made pattern much more of a focal point within their collections. And one of the biggest pattern trends proving to be extremely popular for SS13 is the return of stripes. So far Dolce & Gabbana with Tommy Hilfiger have done the best interpretation in my opinion

A lot can be said for classic British menswear, but let’s face it – it’s not for everyone. Some guys don’t want to wear a three-piece suit unless they have to, and a large majority just feel much more comfortable and confident in casual gear.London is providing the greatest inspiration within this field, with many innovative young designers coming through and challenging the status quo. For several seasons the likes of Astrid Andersen and Shaun Samson have made casual wear their calling-card, with streetwear inspiration becoming a huge part of London’s collective fashion voice. Jordan Porteous  a menswear fashion expert gives his views on the trend as follows:

Nineties grunge and skateboarder style is set to make yet another comeback this spring/summer, but this time there are interesting twists that help bring the look firmly into 2013. Aertex fabrics, oversized silhouettes and creative layering are key components, and this look can take you from autumn/winter right into high summer with the correct wardrobe evolution.

For the current winter months, the key is to pick your pieces carefully so as not to fall in the trap of looking sloppy or scruffy. Prints are imperative, with camouflage, acid wash and typical streetwear inspired graphics providing a sense of grittiness and authenticity. These can come in the form of chinos, denim, sweats, tees or outerwear, so pick pieces that will integrate well within your current wardrobe and don’t be afraid to clash smart with casual.

Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips - False lashes are an easy way to add a little extra va-va-voom. There’s no shortage of lash options, either; choose from plastic strip lashes, individuals, or the latest craze, mink lashes.

Yes, you heard that right: mink lashes. Celebs like J.Lo, Beyonce, and Heidi Klum have been spotted wearing these beauties that make your lashes looks naturally long and luscious. Since they are made of real fur, lashes appear more feathery and uplifting. Busy, working women also love the lashes because it makes them look great without spending a lot of time on makeup. Salons offer mink lash extensions, but here’s one catch: it can cost you hundreds of dollars a month to maintain.

My pocketbook says ouch to that high price tag, and I’m always one to splurge on beauty products and treatments. So I was glad to try on some 100 percent handmade, real Siberian mink fur lashes in strip form at Lashfully in Walnut Creek. At $25 a pair, I had to try these babies on for size.

The first pair I applied (pictured above): The Vivien Leigh mink, Lashfully’s most natural looking strips. They feel ├╝ber lightweight on, almost like I wasn’t even wearing mascara, and the amount of length they added was perfect. These are pretty versatile; subtle enough to wear for everyday, yet long enough to dress up an evening look. My friends wanted to know two things: “Are those your real lashes?” (I wish), followed by “Where did you get them?”

The second pair, called the Gretta Garbo lashes, gave me a look that’s best suited for evening. They were not quite as long, but much fuller. That being said, the lashes still felt noticeably better than a regular strip lash. Try these for a fun night out in Vegas or at your next cocktail party.

If you are willing to pay for lash extensions ($150 for traditional lash extensions), Lashfully offers that service, as well as at-home extension kits. But if you haven’t tried false lashes before, I recommend giving $25 these Mink strips a try, then see if you are ready to commit. The effect I got was quite similar. Plus, strips are easier than extensions if you’d like to instantly switch up a look for more or less drama. Mink strip lashes also last longer than traditional fake lashes do, so really, it’s the best of both worlds.

What Clothes Should Men Wear At Home?

We all know that what is considered appropriate dress for an office or social function or gathering, however many of us, especially men are still confused about what constitutes a perfect casual wear or home wear.

Therefore, we have come up with some good guidelines to help men choose right home wear.There are varieties of home wear for men available in the market.Few common casual wear are half sleeve shirts, polo t shirts, jeans, shorts, capris and much more.These types of clothing are great to wear at home.Though home wear clothes for men should be simple, but it can be changed according to person’s personal preference and sense of style.Light color t shirts with capri's, shorts, jeans are great choice for men to wear at home.These clothing will make a man have casual look while making him feel comfortable.Men can consider t shirts in colors like pink, light blue, light browse, white and Khaki instead of dark colors such as navy blue, black, gray etc.They should consider clothes in polyester, cotton twill fabric because they provide great comforts to the wearer. is a perfect place to shop casual wear for them. There you will get a wide range of options from luxury brands at decent prices to choose from.

Fashion inspired prints for David Lawrence!

Inspiration Board :)

Benefits Of Online Shopping In Dubai, UAE

Due to busy schedule people these days find it difficult to take time out for shopping.Finding the best deals and discounts in town is yet another problem faced by many shoppers in UAE.On the other hand,online shopping in Dubai,UAE definitely scores over conventional shopping. In fact, online shopping in Dubai,UAE is becoming the preferred choice of shoppers.Now you don't have to leave the comfort of your home and stand in long queues at the cashier counter to get hold of your product.The best thing about online shopping is that it eliminates the hassles of traditional shopping.With online shopping, your favorite product is just a click away.With few clicks of your mouse, you can browse the internet and look for your favorite product.

With the advent of online shopping store,shopping has become hassle free.You don't have to get face traffic jams and noisy crowds anymore.Online shopping provides you the mental peace and the environment where you can shop tension free and select the product that you like.This way of shopping saves both time and money as traveling expenses.So come on,shop to your heart's content on the internet.

Janet Jackson is Amazing!!! *o*

Best Offers on Apple I Phone 5 Price in UAE

Considered as one of the most sought after handsets in the market, Apple I phone 5 has some of the most unique characteristics. Much lighter than iPhone 4S, this stylish handset comes with a distinct look and remarkable durability. With a 4 inch display and high resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels, this amazing handset is considered as one of the most sought after handsets in the market. Loaded with amazing functionalists, iPhone 5 gives a great browsing experience. With features like video face detection and amazing camera, apple iPhone 5 allows you to experience a next level of technology.

For the best Apple iPhone 5 price in UAE, you can always have a look at online stores. Reputed web stores not only ensure the quality of the product but also offer some of the best prices. Additionally, you can also avail to interesting promotional gifts. This is definitely beneficial for the budget conscious shoppers. In fact, the independent reviews help to widen the knowledge about the products. But, in order to avail to exciting discounts and offers, as consumers you always need to make adequate research on seasonal deals and offers. This will allow you to get the best prices.

Fabric Manipulations- Arabian Nights

Reflecting the brass plated architecture and the grainy texture of the desert sand, this texture combines modern day Arabic glamour and elegance with the traditional beading used on belly dancer costumes. This fabric contains a mixture of frayed chiffon, brass pearls, and metal seed beads.

Inspired by the radiant setting sun over the Middle East through is textural and boundless deserts, this fabric manipulation represents an Avant-garde approach towards the traditional Arabic embroided rugs. To create the richness and luxury feel of an Arabic rug in this fabric manipulation, I started off by dyeing an off white denim into a burnt orange colour. I then added eyelets throughout the surface. I then formed an abstract geometrical pattern on the fabric through threading the embroidery threads between multiple eyelets. To finish this manipulation off, an to add even more delicious textures on the fabric, I sewed metal seed beads in vertical lines, to generate a brassy affect.

The fabric on this texture was woven to replicate the Arabic cutout window panels used throughout the historical mosques and palaces. The fabric manipulation is backed on a sheer mesh to craft a light feel and look on the body.

The smocking manipulation was used to replicate the embossing technique used in Arabic furniture and architecture. The smocking was hand sewn in a woolen fabric to create a sculptural affect.