Which Woman's On Her Way To Being Hated?

Which Woman's On Her Way To Being Hated? Well, it's clearly Helen. She spreads rumors, she schemes, she tries to 'outsmart' the food rationing rules, and she's "completely baffled, my dear!" by the arithmetic of point rationing. While our heroine Paula spreads help, she studies, she makes the greatest possible use of unrationed foods, she is more concerned about how much she can contribute to the success of the program. She even goes to the government sponsored demonstrations at the High School on ways to serve well balanced meals under rationing. (Now most of the women on the block are going with her!)

Yep, that Helen is headed for trouble. After all "people who are busy winning a war don't find dimwits amusing!"

Wardrobe for a Summer Bride - 1960

"On these pages, a very special wardrobe, designed by couturiers from Europe and America, to start making now in the most beautiful of fabrics for summer wedding plans."
We have 'a prerequisite to a wedding trip, a travel suit', 'a champagne evening dress', then 'an ensemble that will work for practically every daytime occasion', and 'a softly draped dress, perfect for little dinners'. But the best is of course, "a toast in lace for a bride who wants the most beautiful wedding gown".

Vogue 208: the bridal dress, a lavish sweep of delicate lace, sashed and partially enveloped in an overskirt of white satin. Petticoat, short dress, included. Sizes 10 to 16.
Vogue 204: the strapless dress with an artfully molded bodice, swirling into a full skirt with graceful mobility for dancing, (can also be floor-length). This, and the brief jacket, designed by John Cavanagh. Sizes 10 to 18.
Vogue 200: the ensemble, an original by Michael of London. The slim dress with easy width through the bodice is topped by a belted, hip-length jacket. Sizes 10 to 18.
Vogue 206: the draped dress., interpreted here in fluid floral crepe. Original design by Rodriguez of Spain. Sizes 10 to 18.
Vogue 207: the going-away suit ... uncluttered lines in an almost classic travel suit, plus its own blouse. Original by Giovanelli of Italy; sizes 10 to 18.

Outfit of the Day: Kane,, Versace, Zanotti, Beamon

Christopher Kane for J-Brand Embellished Cut-offs
Vintage Ganni Versace Shirt
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals
Erickson Beamon Bracelet
This outfit was inspired by the idea of opulence, and trying to get as many different embellishments and prints into a single outfit.

Man Fashion - Ultimate Mens Fashion Trends

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5 Secrets To Feel Closer To Her

I wish every guy had this wonderful capability to see through what us ladies want from them, and then do accurately that. So this post is devoted to all those naive boyfriends/husbands; my truthful wish is that you discover some solutions with this post.

Okay look. Let's experience it. We ladies are easy creatures. We like to be loved, special, spoiled, you know, the works. But, but, but… before you create up your summary, know this. Sometimes its just not that easy. And man, you have to keep up.

This awesome story gives a super description of how you men can connect better with us females. And believe in me, if you follow to these guidelines, you will have a seriously happy partner which makes happy you, right?
Closer To Her

These are:

1. Pay interest to the little things
So real. If I discuss to my guy while he is off at work, that I just got a really bad coughing and freezing instantly, would I be satisfied if that night, he brings home a large family pack of ice-cream. No. I relax my situation.

2. To keep up with her memory, take notes
It's a scientific fact: women remember everything. And that is why the everyday adviser was developed. So if we ask you to get the ironed outfits from the ironing-guy on your way house, there is a purpose why we ask. All you have to do it remember to get it, or wear a messed up clothing to perform the next day.

3. Follow her calm lead compared to instigating fights
In public place, especially in restaurants, how many times have you desired to impact the waiter for getting the incorrect item? Relax. That's you. But if you want toscore additional brownie points with the woman, do keep that anger to the minimum and the respect to the max.
Feel Closer

4. Create her a poem… or at least a adorable email
Yes. Yes. Yes. I know you guys may not be Lord Byrons and John Keats of the world; but hey, a romentic little hand-written note, or a cute e-card once in a while would be such a reward … for you.

5. Be her serotonin
Now, there is a purpose why females are much more emotional than men. It's a proven fact that womens brains generate much less serotonin — the 'happy' mind substance — than men brains do. What does that mean? This implies, we need to release if we have a difficult day at work, and we want your complete interest. Also, a feet rub or massage would be such a reward … again, for you. After all, you are reviewing all those factors, aren't you?

Try these out and tell me what you think. Keep your feedback in content area below.
As for the ladies, for the other side of this story, make sure you read 5 Ways To Understand Him Better.

Zara Menswear Lookbook May 2011 - My Face Hunter

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Zipper Ecstasy

What can I say? A girl and her zipper.

Audi e-bike worthersee

The prototype cycle combining an electric drive and muscle power along with tech used on Audi cars was showcased at the Worthersee Tour in Austria.

The Audi e-bike W├Ârthersee puts in its first major appearance at this year’s W├Ârthersee Tour, the 31st meet for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda fans; trial biker Julien Dupont and downhill specialist Petra Bernhard will demonstrate their stunts and streetbike skills. 


Audi e-bike

The airy frame boasts a low center of gravity and a compact overall volume. In this way, the e- bike is superbly agile at the sporty handling limits. The lithium-ion battery is incorporated into the frame and needs 2.5 hours to freuteully charge. On long trial tours, only a few simple steps are required to remove the battery and replace it with a charged one.


Audi e-bike worthersee

The frame and the swinging arm that holds the back wheel are made of carbon fiber- reinforced polymer (CFRP). The same material is used for the 26” wheels, which feature an innovative “Audi ultra blade” design with broad flat spokes for an optimized transmission of pedal power. “We were able to demonstrate with the choice of materials just how closely design goes hand in hand with expertise in ultra lightweight construction,” Hendrik Schaefers comments. 


electric bike

The cyclist can choose between a total of five cycling modes – pure muscle power, the electric motor alone, or pedaling supported by the electric motor. In the “Pure” mode, the drive power is purely the product of the cyclist’s legs, while in “Pedelec” mode you are supported by the electric motor that then makes speeds of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) possible and gives you a range of 50-70 kilometers (31-44 miles).


Audi electonic bike

 In "Balanced Wheelie" mode, the electronic control system maintains the rider’s balance, by compensating the biker’s movements forwards or backwards via the electric motor.

It's also fitted with homogeneous LED light strips that create the immediately recognisable Audi light signature. 

Source Link: yahoo.com

Choose the Bold Look of Black and White - 1960

We have more of our Joan Holloway look-alike, this time with her friends from the 1960 Spring Vogue Pattern Book. This article teaches us "how to be a fashion extrovert...choose the bold look of black and white".
These illustrations are done by 'Larson', probably Esther Larson. If anybody knows more about her please share.
Now let's see what the extroverts were wearing in 1960!

Here, and on the next five pages, a decisive change of pace for now-into-summer dressing . . . scarf-print, domino dots, abstract florals, staccato plaids . . . more dashing than ever in the stark contrast of black and white!

Left, 9970: excitement that starts with black and white, builds momentum by the use of black-bordered scarves-by-the-yard. This is further accented by the voluminous belled skirt of the two-piece dress and the wide sleeves that curve outward. "Easy to Make," 10 to 16.

Opposite, 9950: more of the same sleeve shape, this time funneling into a slim skirt. This is a prime example of the positive approach to fashion . . . so pretty, we've shown it on the cover, too! Sizes 10 to 18. Maxwell's silk surah scarf-fabric harlequin-printed squares. For an extra accent, black silk binding was added around the neck, sleeves. Wide belt, Midtown; Marvella "pearls.

This page, 4100: a shaft of Glen plaid silk surah, perfect with accessories in a town-ish mood,especially this "lampshade" hat in Milan straw. The immaculate whiteness of the jacket is further accentuated by bands of heavy black braid. Ensemble in sizes 10 to 20.

Right, 9954: a sleeveless dress with a billowy skirt, the back prophetically bared and topped with a well-sleeved jacket. Sizes 10 to 18. This more-black-than-white look goes effortlessly into town and country evenings. The final touch-stark white baroque "pearls" circlida the throat.

Opposite, 9947: probably the most dashingly feminine way to look at home since the age of the tea gown, these conversation-piece culotte-pajamas in soft, fluid silk, imprinted with newsy freeform circles. Here, sashed in ebony silk, jacketed in charcoal. In sizes 10 to 18.

Right, 9895: hothouse flowers that could only grow on silk, printed in crisp black-on-white and blooming here on floor-length at-home separates. The collar, a graceful sweep of more flowers, tucked, face-flattering. The cummerbund wraps a waistline to slender stem width. Sizes 10 to 16.

Joan Holloway Look-a-Like!

When I saw this cover I stopped in my tracks...it's Joan Holloway! Well, it isn't, but wow, she's a dead ringer. Actually this Vogue Pattern Book is from the spring of 1960, a few years before Mad Men, but I figure Joan had a few things in her closet. Like this Vogue pattern 9950, "A dress with the newest silhouette this spring - the cornucopia sleeve. Black-and-white silk surah by Maxwell; Midtown patent belt. Marvella earrings."

We don't have the models name, but the photographer is Carmine Schiavone, who was a very famous photographer of many models. I'm quite sure Joan Holloway would have been a fan!

Are You A Person...? Appearance Checklist - 1959

"Complacent neglect on these scores has caused many an attractive woman to look older than she really is - or wants to be."



Whose posture is the best it can be? ------------
Who bathes daily? ------------
Who uses a deodorant or anti-perspirant always? ------------
Who keeps her underarms and legs free from hair? --------
Who washes her face without fail before going to bed? ------------
Who relies on milk, fresh fruits and vegetables as beauty aids? -----------
Who keeps her figure slim and trim with proper foods, regular exercise? ------------
Who keeps her hair radiantly clean and well cared for? ------------
Who plans ahead for permanents and gets them when she needs them? -----------
Who is particular about clean combs, brush, towels and powder puffs? ------------
Who puts fresh make-up on a clean face, never slathering new make-up over old? ------------
Whose bands and nails are clean and well cared for? ----------
Who starts each day with clean hose and under-wear? ------------
Who sews instead of pins herself together?------------
Who wears the right style slip which doesn't show beneath nor through her dress? ------------
Who wears polished, well-fitted shoes with straight heels? ------------
Whose clothes are "ready to go" on a moment's notice? ------------
Who brushes, airs and presses her clothes between wearings? -----------
Who sets a good grooming example for her family? ------------
Who works out a good grooming routine-daily and weekly? ------------

Look Your Best... a well-groomed woman - 1959

"Look Your Best...a well-groomed woman".
"Today's woman with her busy life, has not lost the formula for personal attractiveness..." she just needs to "...climb right back up on the pedestal of feminine charm and beauty"

"Personal attractiveness...self confidence...poise...these and many other qualities we admire are the dream and desire of every woman. Else why would we all be so interested in our own appearance?

This "Touch of Ego"...this desire to be our most attractive selves for family and friends...is, in a sense a sincere compliment to our own personal worth...a refection of honest self-respect.

Today's woman with her busy life, has not lost the formula for personal attractiveness, though she may unintentionally have mislaid it. Hers not to bemoan "I can't do a thing about my looks". Hers not to complain, "I haven't a minute to myself". Hers to climb right back up on the pedestal of feminine charm and beauty and to expect admiring glances from Dad, Sis and the rest of the family. Also they may follow her good grooming example! ".

Inspiration In a Pattern Envelope - 1954 Seattle Times

I seem to be on a roll. Today I found another clipping inside a pattern, also from the Seattle Times. This dates from April 25th, 1954. Unfortunately there is no designer or even a store name, but that may not be the story here. Our seamstress kept this from 1954 and it was found in this 1957 Simplicity pattern. She'd kept this in mind (and maybe in her purse) till she found what she wanted. And I think she got pretty close. It's not exact, but I bet she got the same admiring glances.

Complete Costumes in Exciting Colors - 1961 Seattle Times

I love when I find things in patterns! This clipping was in a pattern that didn't look anything like this outfit, but you can tell tell the seamstress had good taste. And there's a good chance she was from Seattle.

This was "a Dorothy Neighbors Fashion Report" from January, 18, 1961. I grew up with the name Dorothy Neighbors in my local paper, the Seattle Times. It covered everything woman needed to know about fashion and food in Seattle. It was the nom de plume of Marilyn Kirkby, who wrote for the paper for 35 years.

We also have the illustrators name, Gerry Abbott,"For more than 20 years, Mrs. Abbot created the weekly feature "Seen in a Seattle Store" in the Seattle Times."

"The dress plus jacket costume by Maurice Rentner is in two textures of silk. The yoked, short-sleeve top is a cane-weave check.

"Three piece-suit-suit costume was designed by Carmel in light gold wool. The jacket lining matches the tie silk print blouse."

There is a wonderful article about Gorge Carmel at the Couture Allure blog.

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