Ulta Friends & Family Haul

Tis the season for Friends and Family sales...
However, Ulta's drove me a bit crazy. I will explain.

So the sale lasted a mere 7 days- October 23-29. Ok, so that doesn't sound so mere. Basically, if you personally know someone that works at an Ulta store, they have access to a few coupons they could each give to a few friends and family members. Not really something a lot of people could benefit from.
However, I also knew that there would be an email sent out with a code as well as a coupon sent through the mail. Well, they were sent, but at the very last minute.
I got my email during the last couple days of the sale, I believe. But what really made me mad was that my actual sale coupon/flyer was mailed to me the last day of the sale. Yep, October 29th. Which was kind of frustrating. Not really sure why those were sent out at the very last minute. Or why the email wasn't sent out on, oh I dunno, the 23rd when the sale began?
Ok, I'll calm down.
You're killin' me, Ulta...you're killin' me.

Anyway, to see the (last minute) goodies I got check out my Ulta Friends & Family Haul video below.
...and if you're like most people I've talked to and didn't get to take advantage of the sale because of the last-minute-ness, Sephora's F&F sale is still going on (until Nov. 2nd). You can get all the info on that here.