Kim Kardashian's Divorces Kris Humphries After 73 Days! Way to Go Hollywood.

Sometimes in Hollywood the hypocritical stories almost seem to write themselves.

Today Kim Kardashian announced she was seeking a divorce from husband Kris Humphries.

The couple was married only 73 days – not even three months.

Now, it’s not like we didn’t see it coming, but three months of marriage doesn’t even seem like trying.

After all, Kardashian licensed the photos, videos, exclusive stories, and web and TV material to E! for millions of dollars.

InfoStar even sent them a silver salad fork as a gift.

They could have made it last at least six months – just to make it look legitimate.

Ironically the very network, E!, that paid to exclusively cover the wedding is now running headlines for exclusive stories about their “tragic” divorce.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

See the irony? We’re such suckers.

Kim announced the divorce by tweeting,

“Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins.”

Kim later released a statement to the media saying,

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

Boo hoo….

Kris says he was blindsided, and Kim took a day long massage and bath day after breaking the news to reporters.

So Hollywood.

Now the money machine can crank back up at E! to ensure we have 24 hour coverage of all the grizzly details of the divorce for the next two months.

Hmm, it almost seems like they did it just for the attention and the money.

I wonder if we’ll get our fork back.

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Big Brother 4 Alum Nathan Marlow Poses in His Underwear

After watching Big Brother 4 I absolutely fell in love with country boy Nathan. His curly blond locks, pretty eyes, nice smile & his sexy body, whats not to love about him!. He is hands down one of the hottest houseguest to ever play the Big Brother game. And just to prove it, here is a picture of him flaunting his gorgeous body, and showing off his package in tight white boxer briefs!

3 pictures inside!

Really? Full on JUMPED.

Funny story

I was making some zucchini bread.  The best zucchini bread in the entire world.  It's actually our third time making it out here so I thought this time I'd take some pictures of the steps and make a little post out of this YUMMY bread.

So I have my iPhone out and I'm taking a picture of the eggs, oil and sugar... as if you need to see a picture of the eggs oil and sugar.

Well.  My iPhone JUMPS.  Yes, it jumps into the bowl of oil.  Not even kidding.  I didn't even know what to do!  I yanked it out of the bowl as fast as I could and just started drying it.  My sister and I were laughing our heads off because it seriously just jumped out of my hands!

It's sitting on the counter in a bowl of rice.  The speakers weren't working well... super muffled.  Anyway.  If it doesn't work tomorrow I will cry.  I will sit down with a bowl of Halloween candy, shove my face full of chocolate and just cry.

On another note, I think I'm going to start parting my hair down the center...  It's been a popular style forever now and I have been completely in love with it.  Just not on me.  I think it's because I have loved my bangs so much.  But I'm going to try it.

This picture was taken from my iPhone this morning... oh my gosh I just might cry.  Luckily I sent it straight to blogger right after I took it.

It's not a complete center part but I'm working on it okay!  I need my bangs to grow out just a little bit more.  You should see my sisters hair.  I'll sneak some pictures of her!


We've got a Chicken Little and Tater T-shirt winner!

Jamie, send me an email to claim your prize!  Thanks Gabby for such a fun giveaway!!  
Check out more of Gabby's designs here.  

Oh yeah- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  Silly me.  Hope you guys are having a blast!  If you take some pictures you just love of the kiddos, tag me in it on FB.  I'd LOVE to see them!


Ulta Friends & Family Haul

Tis the season for Friends and Family sales...
However, Ulta's drove me a bit crazy. I will explain.

So the sale lasted a mere 7 days- October 23-29. Ok, so that doesn't sound so mere. Basically, if you personally know someone that works at an Ulta store, they have access to a few coupons they could each give to a few friends and family members. Not really something a lot of people could benefit from.
However, I also knew that there would be an email sent out with a code as well as a coupon sent through the mail. Well, they were sent, but at the very last minute.
I got my email during the last couple days of the sale, I believe. But what really made me mad was that my actual sale coupon/flyer was mailed to me the last day of the sale. Yep, October 29th. Which was kind of frustrating. Not really sure why those were sent out at the very last minute. Or why the email wasn't sent out on, oh I dunno, the 23rd when the sale began?
Ok, I'll calm down.
You're killin' me,'re killin' me.

Anyway, to see the (last minute) goodies I got check out my Ulta Friends & Family Haul video below.
...and if you're like most people I've talked to and didn't get to take advantage of the sale because of the last-minute-ness, Sephora's F&F sale is still going on (until Nov. 2nd). You can get all the info on that here.

Men Fashion Style to Avoid for 40+

A distinctive charm to men in their 40s lies in the fact that they know what they want. Well beyond their 20s and 30s, an age of self experimenting or so they say, men of such knows what style works for them. But does that mean you can’t stray once in a while and wear out those electric blue pants you bought on a whim that has been stashed at the back of your closet ever since?

We say, why not? For S/S 2012, menswear collection has been all about the perfect blend of maturity and that oh-so-elusive element of youth injection. Be it Milan, Paris, London or New York, designers are showcasing lines where any men in their 40s would be eager to get their hands on.

That is not to say without limitations. No man wants to look like they’re desperately grasping on to the handles of youth, would they? So here are some guidelines on what to avoid when you’re being adventurous with fashion in your 40s. Let’s start with hair. We sometimes reckoned it would be frustrating that hairstyles for men are very much constrained. But, unless you’re a rock star from the 80s or Fabio Lanzoni for that matter, steer clear of the long locks.

Ever since Kanye West appeared on stage with a printed buttoned up blouse from the Celine spring 2011 women’s runway show, the menswear world has been a-blazing with patterns ranging from floral to geometric to animalistic. This is evidently so in the London fashion week where designers such as James Long and Christopher Shannon has created garments with their own unique spin on prints.

Even with the high street brand, Topman which also presented at the recent London fashion week, we see a collection that is heavily inspired by a Moroccan-esque pattern with what can only be expressed as a Moroccan princes’ sleeping attire.

Prada S/S 2012 collection during Milan fashion week is also harping on the same note but this time around, the focus is on pants with a colourful burst of floral patterns.

So, note to men in their 40s, the Spring/Summer 2012 trend of wild patterns is not for you! It is still possible to have fun with prints but don’t go overboard with it, find instead pops of pattern in a garment that catches you by surprise.

Another dress code that should be avoided at all cost by men in their 40s is the short shorts, even if it is for leisure. A not to be missed trend during the Spring/Summer season of 2012 witnesses a spike in shorts with an ungodly length, well that is for a man whose body is somewhat past its prime state. That is not to say the trend isn’t a stroke of brilliance. Like with the Hardy Amies look shown right below, shorts gave a carefree vibe to the entire collection, giving an otherwise stuffy suit a fresh new twist. But, piece of advice to those of you in their 40s, please err on the side of caution when it comes to experimenting with shorts.

Shoes and accessories on the other hand are in a total entity of their own. It might be the only fashion garment that the concept of no holds barred is applicable. A man can be seen carrying around a tote from the Celine collection. The non forgiving fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals is even making a controversial comeback to the 2012 runways for men. That shows how much room for play there is when it comes to shoes and accessories. The key is to always keep it simple and suave.

Micheal Trevino's Bench Underwear Ads

My wish came true! Still not in high quality, but good enough. Bench finally released some more sexy photos of The Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino showing off his 6-pack abs, beautiful thighs and his Bench Body undies!

5 pictures inside!

rollin with the homies

i love the photos that tommy ton sporadically snaps of models and editors soldiering through fashion week. it's the mob mentality of my friends are more fabulous than yours  that have me so captivated and yearning to one day foray onto the Tuileries with my girlfriends, all clad in black, balenciaga and ysl.

via the on-hiatus jak&jil

i believe in unicorns

Hello, I'm Ashley from i believe in unicorns. 

Over on my blog I like to do a feature called {Top Five} on Friday. 
I list my 'whatever i feel like' favorites, and then I ask for my readers input.
It's a great way to share ideas and get to know everyone a little better. 
So I'd love to hear some of your ideas as well!
Without further ado, my

{Top Five} Date Ideas on a Budget:
Learning the Argentine Tango with my German friends, Christian.
 1. Learn to Dance.
In almost every city there are places that teach partner dancing lessons. 
Decide if you'd like Latin, Swing, or Ballroom and try out a class. 
They're usually only about $5-7 a person. 
It's a great way to have fun, be active, and observe patience and perseverance skills ;)

2. Movie At Home, But Make It A Little More Interesting.
Hit up your local movie store, redbox, or netflix, pop some popcorn, build a fort, and snuggle up while you watch your favorite flick. (This is fun to do with kids as well!)
Total cost around $5.

3. Get a Couples Massage.
Go to a massage school sometimes they have 2 for $20 deals!
Or perhaps give each other massages for free :)

4. Paint!
Stop in at your favorite art supplier a pick up some super cheap canvases, paints and brushes. 
Turn on some good tunes and paint what you feel. You can learn all sorts of things on this date.
(I had no idea my husband, Marcus, was artistic until we did this.)
Total cost around $20.

5. Watch Planes come in at the Tarmac.
Get some deliciously refreshing glass bottle sodas, borrow a friends truck (if you don't have one), fill the back up with pads and pillows and enjoy your time watching the planes come in and talking.

I hope you got some fun ideas. 
Now let's hear some of your favorite dates!

Video - Justin Bieber and Ryan Butler Interview on Access Hollywood

Ryan Butler and Justin Bieber - Best Friends
Justin Bieber sure has been busy the last few months.

He just completed his South American tour, and now he is preparing to unveil his new Christmas Album “Under the Mistletoe.”

But last week Bieber sat down with Billy Bush and Access Hollywood to talk about his new album, life as a teen idol, and the downside to fame.

He also gave more details on Baylor - the new dog Selena adopted at an animal shelter, and the most romantic thing he has ever done for a girl.

The second part of the interview included Justin’s best friend from Stratford Ontario – Ryan Butler.

Ryan and Justin have been best friends since they were 5-years-old, and Ryan talks about what it’s like to have Bieber as a wing man and being part of the “Inner Circle.”

“Under the Mistletoe” is available November 1st and includes collaborations with Chris Brown, Usher, Boyz II Men and Busta Rhymes.

We think millions of happy fans are going to find a little something extra in their stockings this Christmas.

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My Angels From God

I've known Abby for a long time actually. We went to the same elementary school, Jr. High, and High school. We didn't get to really know each other 'til high school and then my life took a different turn and took me to a completely different school. Thanks to social media (FB) we've been able to reconnect and share our love of crafting, being a mother, music and adoption.

Adoption touched my life at a young age when my aunt and uncle adopted a beautiful baby girl. However at the time I had NO idea how much a part of my life the adoption world would become. The summer after I graduated from high school in 2006 I was dealing with a nasty break up and wasn't as strong in the gospel as I had been raised to be. I met a guy named Branden on myspace. He messaged me and asked if I had been the girl in the white mustang he'd helped the other day along the side of the road. I let him know that I didn't drive a mustang so it coudn't have been me. We kept talking though and met up for dinner about a week later. We hit it off. He was sweet, caring, generous, and very kind to me. We dated about a month before he deployed to Iraq. Watching him leave was the second... no third hardest thing I've ever done. The second came 4 short weeks later when I had to tell my mom and dad I was pregnant. And the first came 8 long months later when I placed my daughter into her mother's arms.

 When I found out I was pregnant I was scared and alone. Branden (the birth father) had left the morning after I got pregnant and other than emails and a few brief phone calls wouldn't be the support I needed. I was determined to make things work and raise my baby even if it meant doing it alone. That was until Branden told me he wanted nothing to do with a child. My mom and I had a talk and she let me know she thought it was best that I talk to LDS family services.  At first I had NO desire. I didn't understand why she would want me to. However I was that the point in my life where I knew I needed to listen to my mother.  I went to see a case worker after much thought.  Then things started to change for what I thought was the best.  Branden emailed me and was willing to step up. I was going to do what my heart was wanting me to do all along.  HOWEVER my head had other plans.  After meeting with my case worker again I knew I needed to come up with a "list of demands" for potentional adoptive parents.  I decided that if my case worker could find a couple that matched everything on my list I would have no other option but to place my baby with them.  I felt like I had set my case worker up for failure and would be free and clear to parent like my heart was screaming at me to do.  I soon found out that all my demands could be met... in Lori and Barton.

 The moment I saw their picture my heart and head combined and I realized that the child I was carrying was meant to be part of their family.  I told Lori and Barton that I would be placing my baby with them the day before thanksgiving.  Meeting Lori and Barton only further convinced my how right adoption was for me and my situation.  Through out my pregnancy having Lori and Barton there was SO amazing.  Bonding with them and their family made the tough times in my pregnancy a little bit easier.

No matter how much I knew the child I was carrying was meant to be there I couldn't deny that I was hurting.  My pain was only compounded when Branden (and his family) would say and do hurtful things.  I never imagined that I'd be in the situation I was in but being in it all alone was even harder.  Branden was adamant that "our baby" was not going to be "given away".  I found out after I had told Lori and Barton I would be placing with them that he actually had a ton of control over the placement.  After a meeting with Branden he signed the papers and I was able to feel complete relief that I would be placing my daughter for adoption.

Ally was born on May 10, 2007 with her mother and father watching in joyous awe.

I had planned to stay in the hospital for 2 days with her and spend as much time as possible cuddling her.  My plans didn't work out because Ally was sick when she was born and was rushed to the NICU.

I had moments of doubt while in the hospital but knew that I was doing the right thing.  My very first mother's day and first birth mother's day were spent in the hospital with my daughter.

Placement was the hardest day of my life.  I was surrounded by family and friends.

Over the following years there would be some moments harder than others.  Her 3rd birthday was very hard for me.  My heart was healed when I adopted my oldest son Cayden.

I never dreamed I would be a birth mother and an adoptive mother.  Through the years Branden has come around and has realized that the hard decision I made almost 5 year ago (this thanksgiving will be 5 years since I told Lori and Barton I'd be placing with them) was the right one.

I share my adoption experiences and those of friends on a blog called My Angels From God

This is a video that was made for me and LDSFS to help birth mothers and adoptive couples get a better understanding of what adoption is really like.

My family now

Thank you so much Abby for letting me share my story with your readers.  I hope that the things I've lived through can open people's minds to the miracle that is adoption.

Drake Flashes his Gray Underwear

Check out this picture of Canadian rapper Drake heading into his car and flashing his dark gray underwear (could be boxer briefs). Drake doesn't usually show off his undies like his friend Lil Wayne, so we definitely would love to see more pictures like this, looks like he has a cute ass.

2 pictures inside.

Picture source: Drake Daily

My Favorite Things

My heart swells to happy every year the holidays approach.  There is an
electric feel to the air and I feel content amongst the chaos. 
Christmas has already been ushered in among the stores and windows and
although some find it a bit extreme, I love it.  Every time I venture to
Target I can guarantee my four year old will ask to walk among the
decor and lights with his eyes all aglow.  I suppose I am just a big kid
when it comes to the holidays.  I decided to peruse pinterest and
gather up an armful of cheery inspiration to help you readers get into
the holiday spirit too :)


Molly from MFT (my favorite things)

whimsical christmas decor | Walther & Co. | via tabitha emma

berry branch | via

shimmer & shine nutcrackers | via birdie to be

reindeer wall art | re-nest

table with tree branch | photo credit : Victor Schrager | via Country Living

felted ball wreath | Pickles

modern wall christmas tree | via

pinecone table | real simple

Photo - Justin Bieber Pulled Over By Cops In His New Batmobile Cadillac

What do you do when you’re only 17-years-old but have more money than some small countries?

You have famous Hollywood Jeweler to the stars, Ben Baller, trick out a new black Cadillac for you to make it look like the Batmobile!

Baller, who owns Internally Flawless & Co. in Los Angeles has been overseeing Bieber’s custom ride, and has already outfitted the singer with swag jewelry, a Rolex watch, and a gold mouth grill.

Related: Justin Bieber gets gold mouth grill for his teeth – Photo

The JB Batmobile is a 2011 CTS-V with suicide doors, custom JB logo side panels, Batman symbols on the front and back, flat black paint, and the word “Batmobile” engraved on the rear end.

Justin Bieber's New Custom Batmobile

Custom "JB" Side Panels
And earlier this week Bieber and his motorcade of friends including Sean Kingston, Ben Baller, and hometown best bud Ryan Butler, were pulled over while driving the Batmobile around downtown Los Angeles.

The cops claim that Bieber cut them off at an intersection so they pulled the entire motorcade over.

Bieber and his crew were eventually let off with just a warning.

Reports say that Bieber and company were on their way to the Hockey game Tuesday night when it all went down.

No harm, no foul. Everybody was cautioned about L.A. driving protocol (don’t cut off cops) and sent on their way.

But this is not the first time Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston have been pulled over by the police.

Just a few months ago they were pulled over in Miami in Kingston’s Rolls Royce Deluxe when the two pranksters went coning and tried to return a Wendy’s frosty to a Burger King as a joke.

Related: Bieber pulled over by cops in Miami - Photo
Related: Bieber goes coning – almost wrecks car – Video

That wild weekend in Miami was the same weekend Bieber was photographed shirtless on his hotel balcony in nothing but his underwear.

Related: Shirtless Justin Bieber shows off his body and underwear - Photos

Ah, to be young and famous with a hundred million dollars – and a Batmobile.

In the end it may not be a woman who gets JB into trouble – it may be his cars!

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