Alexander Skarsgard Flashing his Boxers

Check out this picture of Alexander Skarsgard playing with a little girl on the set of his new movie What Maisie Knew. When picking up the girl, Alex's shirt lifted up and revealed his blue polka dot boxers!

2 pictures inside!

Picture source: Celebuzz

Two New Charlie Sheen “Roast” Promos Arrive and are NOT Normal!

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen is just around the corner and two more promos have been released.

The first one shows Charlie on a train, probably because that is how he is going to die on the new “Two and a Half Men” season opener, with his Goddesses, a tiger, and a few other strange characters who wonder if the train stops in “Normalville”.

Sheen gets a sneaky smirk on his face and says, “Honey, we left there a long time ago…”

The music in the background is from the Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”.

The second spot also shows Sheen on his “Crazy Train” and mocks Comedy Central for attempting to roast him saying that’s like trying to reason with a volcano, or duct tape the wind to the ground.

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen gets underway Monday September 19th.

Current roast attendees scheduled to skewer the troubled actor are TMZ's Harvey Levin, Jackass Star Steve-O, Anthony Jeselnik, Mike Tyson, and Jeffrey Ross.

The Roast Master will be none other than “Family Guy” and “American Dad” animator, writer, producer, actor, singer, voice actor and director Seth MacFarlane, who says,

"Charlie is a true icon with a talent that is strong and pure and concentrated into small crystals which can be smoked or eaten."

In an odd irony, Sheen’s roast will air the same night as Ashton Kutcher and company kick of the new Sheenless season of “Two and a Half Men”.

Bring it Warlocks!

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Dancing With The Stars Announces New Seasons Dancers! Wow, Shockers...

It’s finally here!

The season 13 new cast members for ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” have been announced and there are some shockers.

There have been a bunch of rumors over the last few weeks that can now be laid to rest

These people are NOT include in the season 13 cast - Snooki, Anthony Weiner, Casey Anthony, Rob Kardashian, Dina or Lindsay Lohan, Nick Jonas, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and Regis Philbin – not gonna happen.

ABC has officially announced the new lineup and they are:

  • Chaz Bono (New transgendered male)

  • Elisabetta Canalis (Nickname: The Italian beauty)

  • Hope Solo (The Soccer hot shot celebrity)

  • J.R. Martinez (Soap opera star)

  • Nancy Grace (Courtroom and hosting disgrace)

  • Ron Kardashian (Reality show looser)

  • Ron Artest (NBA superstar and champion)

  • Ricki Lake (Washed up daytime talk show host)

  • Kristin Cavallari (Television bit player and reality star)

  • David Arquette (Scream star and rehab expert)

  • Chynna Phillips (Pop singer and actress)

  • Carson Kressley (Queer Eye star and fashion guru)

Oh brother, I’m thinking this is going to be a hard season to settle into.

If we had to pick a winner we would think Carson Kressley might have a shot because he ‘sings’ and ‘dances’ and is ‘fabulous’.

Chaz Bono and Ricki Lake will probably struggle. David Arquette might have a chance if he can stay out of rehab. Nancy Grace will fall and break her leg and then sue somebody, thus disqualifying her.

Ron Artest is quick on his feet and probably has a chance.

The others? It’s anybody’s guess.

Season 13 starts on September 19th on the ABC network and is sure to be a blowout for the first few shows.

Queue the music, dancers, and the hype machine!

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MTV Punk’d Returning with Justin Bieber? Kind of... Here’s The Deal...

Okay Justin Bieber fans – calm down.

Here is the latest scoop on the whole MTV Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher, and JB rumor.

As you know, several months ago MTV started talking to Ashton Kutcher about bringing back his popular Punk’d television show.

Rumor was that he was going to turn over the crown to young Bieber who would become the new host.

Well, things have changed.

In light of Kutcher’s new role on “Two and a Half Men” and Bieb’s South American Tour fast approaching there was no way that Bieber would have been able to participate in an entire season of the show.

Related: Justin Bieber announced South American Tour dates

At the end of the day producers decided to revamp the concept of the show and move forward with a new season.

It is TRUE that Bieber is involved with the project but ONLY as the first guest host prankster.

The new season will have a DIFFERENT host each week that will pull a prank on somebody and fill in as that week’s guest host.

Get it? There will be a new guest host and prankster each week.

Bieber was selected as the FIRST shows host and he decided to prank Taylor Swift.

They were both in town for the VMA’s and the plan was put into motion last week when it all went down.

We don’t know exactly what the prank was but we know it was filmed last week and is already in the can.

We don’t know yet when the premier episode will air but we do know that Kutcher will act as one of the Executive Producers for the season and will probably not be seen much on any of the shows.

So, there you have it.

Punk’d is returning and Justin Bieber will guest host the FIRST show only. After that there will be a different host each week.

“Producers wanted to leverage Justin’s popularity to help kick off the new season. So far things are going well and we can’t say anything about future shows yet. In fact, the Bieber thing leaked out – nobody was supposed to know anything about his guest spot or the new season until we were farther along.”

Okay, now we get it.

We always loved the show and were bummed when it was yanked from the schedule. We like the new concept and are sure it will be a hit and can’t wait to see who shows up each week.

Thanks MTV!

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The Poppy Chain and Mark Makeup!

This giveaway is absolutely going to rock your world.  There will be FOUR winners.  I know, awesome huh?  Here is what's up for grabs:

One lucky winner is going to win a $25.00 credit to the wonderful Etsy shop

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Fashion Plates from the McCall Company - 1901 - Afternoon Toilettes and Street Costumes

This page has much more helpful information. Dated May, 1901 it's out of McCall's Magazine and shows in color; McCall 6527 Misses' Guimpe Dress, McCall 6538 Ladies' Eton Jacket and McCall 6540 Ladies' Skirt. In gray tones; McCall 6562 Ladies' Shirt Waist, McCall 6532 Ladies' Skirt, McCall 6559 Misses' Jacket, McCall 6553 Misses' Skirt.
Take note of the way pleats and lace are used on the skirts, and the variety of collars. And while you are considering the serious underwear these women had to have on to get that silhouette, don't forget about how straight you'd have to stand to hold up those hats!

Pinterest Loves

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ciara Richardson Photography photo shoot giveaway.  Wasn't it awesome?!  The lucky Lauren Bagley won!

Check this video out.  I was on the floor laughing for like, five minutes!  Literally, there are still tears on my face from laughing so hard!  Check it out and let this little monster brighten your day!  Oh my gosh.  HILARIOUS!


I am not even kidding you, my little girl ______ will have this bed!  Her grandpa is even figuring out the floor plan for her- cute huh?!  Maybe we should start with an infant room first?!!
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I'm usually more of a color person, but for some reason this bedroom is calling me.  In all its white glory!
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I love this idea.  Boston is now getting into my makeup drawers.  And he's painting our walls with my nice expensive brushes.  I think it's time for a change!
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When I saw this I could not stop laughing!  This is seriously something I would do!
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I thought this was a great idea.  Obviously for the future for me!  But these are road trip clips.  One clip for each kid.  If they are sweet, the clip stays up.  If they are naughty the clip comes down.  Everyone with a clip on the visor gets a treat at the next stop!  Great idea huh?!  Car rides are the worst.  I will totally be buying my kids off with candy!
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This is kind of what my makeup drawer looks like.  Only I have a lot less!  Great idea though, I HATE rummaging through my makeup bag when out of town.  It takes me so much longer to do my makeup!
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Do you know how much I love fall?  Because I do.  I love it so much!
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I'm also in love with this little girls room.  I think there needs to be more color though...
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Oh yeah, and this one too ha ha
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Alright, I'm starving so I'm gonna go make some lunch.  Hope you enjoyed!  Be back tomorrow for an AWESOME giveaway!



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