James Middleton Loves to Play with his Balls

Well that's what it looks like in these pictures. Since his sister just became a Princess I thought I'd post a some pictures of him so he won't feel in the shadow. In one picture we see him blow drying his dick? And the other with his hands down his boxers.

He seems like a pretty cute guy, and theres one picture of him showing his bum that i couldn't post, so just click here for the picture! Cute ass isn't it?

3 pictures of James Middleton in his undies inside!

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John Cryer and Angus T. Jones to Star in New ‘Two and a Half Men’ without Charlie Sheen – Confirmed

It has been a brutal two months for Chuck Lorre.

Charlie Sheen was fired from his show “Two and a Half Men”, the remaining season was cancelled, and the future of the sitcom was unknown.

While there has been some speculation and many great ideas floated about, we didn’t really know anything solid – until now.

The Inquisitr is reporting that Chuck Lorre has confirmed to them that the remaining parts of the eighth season, and any new shows from that point on, will now focus on Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones character while a possible new character may be introduced.

It’s official – “Two and A Half Men” is BACK!

This was what we were hoping for all along. We knew there had to be a way to keep the show going, and Cryer and Jones are the perfect match to bridge any transition in plot.

One insider said,

“They already have the set, a group of actors with contracts, an audience, and a place to start a new plot. They would have been fools to not try and keep it going – even if it was for just one season to see how it goes. They could have a bigger hit on their hands now than they did with the old show and Sheen. Charlie thinks he’s indispensable – but he’s not.”

The deal most certainly looked attractive to both Cryer and Jones. Sheen was pulling in $1.8 million per episode, Cryer was earning $550k, and Angus (Jake) was making $350k per show.

With Sheen’s salary expense out of the way, producers can afford to spread that love around a little more to the remaining cast and crew – everybody wins.

Except Uncle Charlie.

While it is not clear what impact Sheen’s $100 million lawsuit against Chuck Lorre, CBS and Warner Brothers will have on the shows finances, some smart legal people tell us that Charlie will probably not prevail.

So let’s bring the show back with Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones as the new leads, and weave in larger roles for Herb Melnick (Ryan Stiles), Berta (Conchata Ferrell), Rose (Melanie Lynskey), and of course mother Evelyn (Holland Taylor).

That’s all we ever wanted. We don’t need Charlie Sheen anymore.

Go Chuck Lorre!

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Here's a picture from our trip to tide you over.... cause I know I've been neglecting you the past few weeks. I'm sorry! But tomorrow is the big day.... I am so nervous and excited about it!! So even if you guys think it's way lame I need you pretend you think it's awesome k? Mmmk good! Love ya!


Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Loosing Viewers and Advertising Dollars

Donald Trump may have had a good reason to go after Obama about his birth certificate – public relations.

While Trump seems to spew on about how his show “Celebrity Apprentice” is the most popular show on NBC, the truth seems quite different.

Trumps recent display of hatred toward Jerry Seinfeld and Robert De Niro, along with his bizarre conspiracy about Obama’s birth certificate, may be destroying his reality show.

In fact, the numbers look really bad, with viewers 18-49 down over 40% this year, and advertising revenue far behind last year. And with all the Meat Loaf and Gary Busey shenanigans this year one would think the show would be a runaway success.

Advertising Age says “Apprentice” ad revenue is down for a couple of reasons.

First, Trumps uncertain Presidential run and poor handling of the birth certificate issue has driven advertisers away. The latest? - Groupon, who has pulled their ads from the Trump website.

Another reason traditional advertisers are passing on Trump is the increase in product placement during the show. Arby’s, for example, pays a hefty fee when Trump issues a challenge relating to a new menu item or ad campaign.

One ad exec says,

“The product placement has become so ‘in your face’ that the entire show is starting to look like Trump is a sellout. The show looks more like a 60 minute infomercial than a prime time realty show. The constant product placement distracts from the usual commercials.”

Sweeps are coming up next month so it benefits Trump to drive as much attention to himself and the show as he can – how convenient there is a political race with his name in it to stir up a little face time.

Lastly, the contracts for both Trump and executive producer Mark Burnett expire after this season so there are questions whether NBC will be interested in another season or not.

An NBC exec says there are no problems at all,

'The Apprentice' is in a very challenging time slot on Monday nights and it's responded with consistently good results, including the most upscale audience for any unscripted show in prime time. ... It remains a key series for our future."

But when advertising execs are asked you get a different story,

"The Apprentice is generally on the decline. The move to Monday from Thursday nights had a negative effect. But that's not the big issue. It's the content of the show. It's matured. People are looking for other ways to be entertained. They don’t want to watch D-list celebrities sell hamburgers, pizza or wedding dresses."

Trumps last tirade came yesterday at his hotel in Las Vegas where he gave a speech riddled with the F-word and other obscenities to a crowd of over 1000.

Unless there is a spectacular race to the finale during sweeps next month, and if Donald can’t keep his mouth shut about Barack Obama and others, then look for this to be the beginning of the end for “The Apprentice”.

At least we can still laugh at his bad hair.

Orlando Bloom Gives us a Peek of his Boxers

We should all know that Orlando Bloom is a boxer guy, and he also likes flashing them! For today's update we see Orlando Bloom giving us a little glimpse of his blue plaid  boxers!

Sorry for the no updates for the past couple of days, it's been such a slow week for underwear sightings! But the good news is next month is May which should be an exciting week for me, and hopefully there will be some GOOD sightings!

2 pictures inside!

Picture source: Just Jared

"You've simply got to get me a new machine!"

Donald Trump Drops F-Bomb Several Times during Vegas Speech – Video

The grand douche-bag himself, Donald Trump, is once again running his mouth in a public forum.

Trump visited his Trump International Hotel & Tower just off the Las Vegas Strip today to rally supporters for his 2012 presidential campaign.

But this was a different Trump than we have seen the last several weeks.

The difference? He dropped the “F” word, and other choice curse words, every chance he got.

During his half hour speech on foreign affairs, Trump attacked not only Obama, but spewed insults toward other leaders saying,

"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people, It's just very, very sad."

There were about 1,000 supporters at the event, and there was free food and an open bar. Everybody was loaded and they had come to see Trump do the thing that he does so well – be a dick.

Watch Donald Trump Use the F word in Las Vegas Speech

You have to ask yourself if this guy really thinks he’s for real. At this point, he is starting to sound more and more like Charlie Sheen every day.

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Rascal Flatts in Lawsuit Over Tour Money

The band Rascal Flatts is being sued by former managers who feel they have been cheated out of the bands concert money.

The law suit was filed in a Tennessee court and seeks to collect 15 percent commission on the bands tour revenue on dates through 2013.

They also want their share of profits from television appearances and DVDs which they contracted and negotiated.

Turner Nichols & Associates says they managed the group since the beginning of their career and say they were abruptly replaced last February. They claim they are due money because of the work they did to negotiate, finance, schedule, book, and promote, the tour venues through 2013.

The band responded through a rep who said,

"We are disappointed they have chosen to file as we had hoped to address these issues privately, however we hope that this can be resolved amicably."

Sounds like some bad blood somewhere.

Watch Rascal Flatts Sing “I Won’t Let Go” Live

Charlie Sheen Again Lashes Out at Chuck Lorre – A**Hole P*ssy Loser, Nut-less Sociopath...

For a guy looking for his job back, Charlie Sheen sure knows how to charm the boss.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that “Two and a Half Men” executive producer Chuck Lorre, had said there was a 50/50 chance the show would return.

The focus of the news was that Charlie Sheen would play no part in the show if it comes back, and that Lorre and staff have developed a new show plot without Uncle Charlie.

Related: Two and a Half Men has 50/50 Chance Says CBS

But after the news broke, Sheen went on another warlock rampage full of expletives and tiger blood accusations, saying Lorre was a narcissist, a coward, a loser, and a spineless rat.

Sheen, who is already suing Lorre and CBS for $100 million dollars, says an attempt to reboot the series without him will fail miserably. He again lashes out personally toward Lorre saying,

“MY fans may tune in for a minute, but at the end of the day, no one cares about your feeble show without me. Shame on you. Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map. The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets.

You created a show BASED ON MY AWESOME LIFE. I busted my ass for 8 years to support your vision. Your dream. in turn, it is my nightmare. You sad silly fool. A-hole pussy loser. Put on the gloves you low rent, nut-less sociopath; I’ll beat your chicken shit soul in a court room into a state of gratitude.”

Wow. I don’t know what’s going through Charlie’s mind, but those words seem to do a better job of describing Sheen than Chuck Lorre. Could Sheen be becoming the very thing he hates the most?

The Warlock continues,

“A state of surrender. Something you left at the door every time you blundered into the pathetic AA loser lounge. Newsflash; they are planning on voting you off the AA island. Even those clowns have no room for you anymore. Wow, I’m sure your children are SO PROUD of you. You can teach’em how to be a stupid bitch. A narcissist. A coward. A loser. A spineless rat. I’m out here with my fans every night. The message is crystal clear; NO CHARLIE SHEEN. NO SHOW.”

Lorre and CBS have not commented publicly on Sheen’s letter, but we’re pretty sure they both expected it and are laughing at it. There is a bitter battle going on here between not only men – but egos.

But why must Sheen also interject Lorre’s participation with AA?

Every public and written tirade from Sheen always seems to digress into personal attacks against Lorre, his time with AA, and his wife and kids.

He is almost starting to sound like Donald Trump.

Our suggestion: Move on without Sheen and try a revamped show with a plot like the one talked about here. Ignore Sheen while giving your attention to Jon Cryer, cast, and crew.

Akon Strips to his Underwear on Stage

Yesterday (Apr. 27) Akon treated his fans by stripping down to his white Hugo Boss boxer briefs on stage while opening for Usher's OMG tour in Florida. Now i don't find this man attractive, but for those of you who do enjoy these pictures!

6 pictures inside of Akon in his super white undies!

Picture source: Socialite Life

Rene Russo Wasted On the Jay Leno Show – Video

Actress Rene Russo visited with Jay Leno last night, and boy was she wasted.

Russo, who was visiting the show to plug her “Thor” movie, told Jay she had hurt her back and was on “Lots of pain killers and drugs.”

She wasn’t kidding.

Most of the interview Russo swayed back and forth and held her head in her hands. It was clear she was buzzed.

Below is one segment of the interview and then her visit backstage after the show.

‘Two and a Half Men’ has 50/50 Chance of Returning Says CBS - Decision Soon.

CBS Network brass is still contemplating what to do with “Two and a Half Men”.

With television sweeps starting next month (May), and up-fronts looming, CBS has to make a decision on what to do with season 9 of the once golden sitcom – and fast.

Ever since Charlie Sheen was fired from the show there has been speculation it might return for another season – with or without Uncle Charlie Harper.

Since his firing, Sheen has been on the road with his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour and has been telling his audiences that he desperately wants back on the show.

Not so fast says the show’s production staff.

One insider says that there is a 50/50 chance the show will return for another season. And if it does return – there will be changes.

Here is what we know for sure:

- Charlie Sheen is not welcome back on the show.
- Executive producer Chuck Lorre has a plot workaround to either replace Sheen or write him out of the series.
- No official offers have been made to any new actors.
- A decision has to be made before May 18, 2011.
- CBS really does want to try and salvage the show

Chuck Lorre has been telling the media that he has several ideas on how to continue the show – one that increases Jon Cryer’s role, and another puts Ryan Stile’s “Herb Melnick” character in a lead role.

We have also heard a couple unofficial “plot” ideas, sans Charlie Sheen, that all include using the existing actors, sets, writers, and facilities. Seems like a smart idea to us.

Our favorite has Rose downsizing and buying Charlie’s house after he gets thrown in jail in Bangkok. She then allows recently thrown to the curb Herb Melnick to move in with her, Allen, and Jake. Even Berta likes the idea and agrees to stay on.

One insider told reporters,

“The idea would be Rose buys the house and lets Alan, Herb, and Jake live there. We call it ‘Two and a Half Men – and Rose’. There have been lots of variations but it always comes back to the same fundamental movement of actors and their roles. It would be easy – and funny.”

It does sound like a nice clean, and believable, transition that could actually propel the sitcom into a whole new direction – both retaining the old fans and creating new ones.

We say bring us “Two and a Half Men & Rose”

May first!! It's ALMOST HERE!!!

I just wanted to let you guys know, I haven't forgotten about you!! May first, it's almost here... that HUGE AWESOME SURPRISE!! Okay, maybe I'm making too big a deal out of this and when you find out what it is you'll be so super mad at me. BUT, it is going to be awesome. So promise to stop by May first, that's when I'll be starting it... oh aren't you just curious!!


MySpace Up For Sale – News Corp Asking $100 Million – Deal by End of Week?

Every now and then you see something that really hits home and makes you realize that an end of an era is upon us.

And so it is with the once dominating social network MySpace.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that News Corp has put MySpace.com up for sale with an asking price of $100 million.

Expectations are that about a dozen companies will express an interest in buying the now shrinking network.

News Corp paid $585 million back in 2005 when MySpace was dominating the internet by adding over 1 million new users a day. But today, Facebook has all but made MySpace obsolete and irrelevant.

After a big push last year to redesign the site and add a focus on music and entertainment failed to stop users from jumping to Facebook, News Corp decided it was time to sell.

Several venture capital and investment firms have indicated they may be interested in buying the property, and Bebo has also said the may bid on the site.

Regardless of who steps up to the plate, we should know who the new owner is by the end of the week.

But that still leaves one big question.

What will the new owners do differently that the old owners didn’t already try?

Stay tuned.

Steven Tyler Releases New Book - Talks about Idol, and Doing Drugs with Joe Perry in Rolling Stone Cover

Remember back in 2008 when Aerosmith announced they were working on a new album?

Remember when they said the project had been scrapped, and so had the tour, and that the band was breaking up?

Now we are getting a little more insight on what was happening to the band during those years in Tyler’s new book “Does the noise in my head bother you?”

The Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge will be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine next month and said the book was,

"the unbridled truth, the in-your-face, up-close and prodigious tale of Steven Tyler straight from the horse's lips ... All the unexpurgated, brain-jangling tales of debauchery, sex & drugs, transcendence & chemical dependence you will ever want to hear."

Tyler, 63, also says that he did drugs with guitarist Joe Perry in 2008 after many years of both of them being sober.

“Joe Perry was so impaired by snorting prescription pills, he couldn't even play his instrument. But I was no better - I couldn't sing.”

Tyler says he is sober now and enjoying his time as the newest American Idol judge, and would like to get the guys of Aerosmith back together for another run at making an album.

Tyler last appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone's Magazine in the August 1976 issue.

Watch Steven Tyler Sing Medley of Beatles Songs for Paul McCartney

Justin Bieber Injures Back Wakeboarding in Bali – Remaining Tour Dates In Question.

Seems like Justin Bieber did more than put on a great show in the rain in Bali last week.

While out on a boat with friends and fellow tour member Alfredo Flores, Bieber injured his back wake-boarding.

Bieber took to twitter saying,

“Crazy 24 hours of travel...back is messed up....but we are smiling. We finally made it. AUSTRALIA we are here. Brisbane Leggo!”

After his show he posted,

“back is in ALOT of pain but incredible show tonight. BRISBANE was #BEAST - Australia is about to be a party the next 2 weeks”

Bieber is in Australia finishing the last five shows on his My World Tour.

After Justin saw a back specialist, the doctor insisted that the teen sensation cancel his Brisbane concert. Bieber did not agree and performed anyway. He is next due to perform Thursday, April 28 in Sydney.

A back specialist told us,

“The type of injury from wakeboarding needs rest to heal. If he performs he runs the risk of exacerbating the condition and making it worse. If it gets better he should be alright, but if it gets worse than he may have no choice but to cancel to prevent permanent damage.”

Fortunately, Bieber only has a couple of more shows before he is back in the United States for a little relief from his touring schedule.

After returning to Atlanta, Bieber plans to start work on his third album expected for release in late fall.

home is wherever i'm with you

in about twenty-four hours i will be back home, in Orange County, visiting my beloved family & friends, and for my big sister SOPHIA'S ENGAGEMENT PARTAYYY. i've kind of been waiting for this day since the day i realized i was going to be living in nyc, after landing my job at 3.1 phillip lim...and then soon after landing my internship at nylon.

a lot can happen in two months apparently. i settled into a cozy nest that my three boyfriends/roommates built on the UWS; found my home-away-from-home-away-from home in SoHo -- the 3.1 phillip lim store and the nylon offices so happen to be one block away from each other. how convenient right?

i snapped a few pictures of each of my spots, so i can show you around to my new zip code. i'm definitely in love with the city and my new life here, but honestly...

home (orange county) is where the heart really is.

daily reminders
view of our movie theatre/dining room/dance stage/my bedroom
etienne the artist
oh you mother chucker

morning shower schedule. i love my roommates!

[the JOB]
i love my cow dress!


greene between prince & spring
office space
the hollywood issue/my first issue!
a small proud moment. :)

  i'll be documenting my OC vacay and will be posting photos of all the FOOD & FESTIVITIES right here on THC as soon as I get back to new york. Til then, I'm going to try oh so hard to not touch my computer/iphone/any means of internet access whilst I am away. It is a VACATION. but most likely I'll break because not being up-to-date with the news (all your blogs) gives me major anxiety. We'll see how this all goes. Until then...xoxo ANNA