Food Court Flash Mob - Hallelujah Chorus – Awesome

At lunchtime, these unsuspecting shoppers got the thrill of a lifetime.

A flash mob started singing the Hallelujah Chorus just as these surprised sat down in the food court to enjoy their lunch.

This is one of the best flash mob videos we’ve ever come across and the action builds as the video progresses.


Harry Shum Jr. White Underwear Glimpse

I have a thing for dancers, just like Harry Shum Jr.! Yellow Magazine went behind the scenes with the 28-year-old Glee actor for his photoshoot. The cameras also caught him shirtless and pulling up his pants, while doing so you can see his white underwear! Video inside!

8 screencaps of Harry Shum Jr. caught with his pants unzipped inside!

Betty White to Host New Hidden Camera 'Prank' Show for NBC

Move over Ashton Kutcher. Our favorite comedic senior citizen has just signed on to a new comedy reality show gig!

NBC announced Thursday that they have ordered twelve episodes of the new “Betty White Off Their Rockers” show starring, of course, Betty.

The hidden camera prankster reality show will follow seven other senior citizens, led by 89-year-old White, as they play hidden camera pranks on the “unsuspecting youth and younger generation”.

White said,

“People have been telling me that I’m ‘off my rocker’ for years — now I can prove it.”

Betty has had a resurgence of popularity since hosting a Saturday Night Live episode last year, and her hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” has just been picked up for its third year on NBC, and she has a book coming out in May.

Boy, this gal really makes me feel old – and lazy.

“Off Their Rockers” is being licensed to the U.S. markets by a Belgian company where the show first originated with huge success.

No air date has been released.

Watch Katy Perry’s New ‘E.T.’ Video with Kanye West – It is Bizarre – Really…

I guess in a world of Lady Gaga the pressure to always release new, wild, and bizarre music videos must be tremendous.

Leave it to Katy Perry to not disappoint.

In her new music video, “E.T” featuring Kanye West, the full bodied singer takes things into the world of space to grab our attention. The scene is set on a dark, distant planet with alien spacecraft and surreal imagery.

Kanye West floats around in an extra-terrestrial “orb” while he wraps about candy bars, and how famous and important he is.

Really? Why is Kanye even in this video?

Perry then floats into the scene in what looks like some costume from the last Harry Potter movie.

I’m not sure what else I can say other than… Katy Perry is turning into Lady Gaga.

Watch it and enjoy?

Watch Katy Perry and Kanye West in “E.T” Music Video

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Ryan Kwanten in Stripped Boxer Briefs

True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten stared in a movie back in 2010 called Don't Fade Away. In one of the scenes Ryan wakes on his bathroom floor then gets up and shows us he's wearing some stripped boxer briefs, sexy!

6 screencaps inside! 

I really need a front door.

I found another one folks. Look at this sucker. Isn't it AMAZING! Oh it just makes me so happy!! I found her over at the Wolfe Pack. Check out her blog, it's super cute!!!


Josh Hopkins Shirtless in St. Bart's

Sexy Cougar Town actor was spotted in St. Bart's with rumored girlfriend/co-star Courteney Cox. While swimming at the beach a shirtless Josh showed off more then his hot body, his Calvin Klein waistband also peeked out of his swim shorts!

6 pictures of Josh Hopkins shirtless inside!

Picture source: Socialite Life

Judge Judy Rushed to Hospital In Health Scare…

Things got a little scary on the set of Judge Judy Sheindlin’s television show today.

During the taping she apparently started talking in gibberish, alarming those in the room, and said she was not feeling well.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and will be staying overnight for observation.

It must not be real serious because Sheindlin called TMZ’s Harvey Levin from her hospital bed with the following update:

"I'm just exhausted, and my body was telling me it needed a day to chill. I was feeling funky this morning ... funky enough that I knew someone should give a gander over what I got. I'm really fine. I wanted to go back to work this afternoon, I'm exhausted. I'm just tired. A lot of things just zoned together, including the bad news of the world. I'm gonna go home tomorrow. It was a bad idea to fly home tonight. At my age, I know my body. My body is fine".

Judge Judy is currently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she is undergoing tests.

Get better Judge Judy!

Justin Bieber’s Music Producers Sued Over Song Royalties – Seeking Damages

You know what they say - you’re not successful until somebody tries to sue you. So it goes in the teen heart throb world of Justin Bieber.

The original producers of the 17- year-old's hit single “One Less Lonely Girl” are suing Bieber’s Production company saying they are due royalties from the song, and accuses them of fraud and copyright infringement. Ouch!

Vance Tate and Thomas Oliveria, who represent the songwriting team A-Rex, have filed a lawsuit seeking additional royalty money from the hit single which appeared on Bieber's hit 2008 debut album, “My World”.

In 2008, A-Rex wrote the song, "One Less Lonely Girl," as part of a music project by soul and R&B singer Noel Gourdin. Gourdin’s team passed on the song so A-Rex shopped it around the music biz and it eventually found its way onto Justin Bieber's first album.

The suit alleges that A-Rex are due ten percent of the publishing royalties tied to their share of the song, a dollar amount they say is about $200,000. They are also seeking damages for breach of contract, fraud, conversion and copyright infringement.

Really? Only $200,000? Bieber makes $300,000 per concert and “One Less Lonely Girl” is one of his hit songs on stage.

The suit also names EMI Music Publishing and the L.A. Reid Music Publishing Company.

L.A. Reid, just announced last week that he will be stepping down as Chairman of Island Def Jam Records to become one of the judges on the Fall premier of Simon Cowell's new reality show “X Factor”.

Bieber's management team has not commented on the suit.

My take:

Pay up and move on…..

‘Twin Boys Have a Conversation’ – Video Goes Viral

Everybody seems to be talking about it today.

And I have to admit that after watching it I found myself with a smile on my face.

The YouTube video titled “Twin Boys Have a Conversation” shows two twin toddlers standing in the kitchen trying to have a conversation about a missing sock.

At least that’s what it sounds like… and looks like.

Even though you won’t recognize one word they say, you will know exactly what they are TRYING to say.

It is the cutest video ever!

Watch Twin Boys Have A Conversation YouTube Video

Will You Design Your Own T-shirt?

Yes, is men t-shirt again! If you are fed up of buying a T-shirt which it seems that every other person you see is wearing, good news is that clearly shows you have bought a fashionable one. However if you want to stand out from the crowd and perhaps make a fashion statement then perhaps you should consider designing your own T-shirt.

You’ve probably seen outlets that allow you to do just this when you have been on holiday, but for one reason or another you didn’t find the time to venture into the shop. Now you can create your own design and have it incorporated into a T-shirt for you online.

Some sites have design templates which you can start off with, you choose a T-shirt from one of their designs and customize a template. You can use clipart or you can have a design copied for you from a photograph. You need to think about how many colors your design will need, (4 are usual but less is cheaper) which colors you want and the style of T-shirt. You can get T-shirts made to your design for under $20, but again it depends on your choice of design.

You can also get iron-on designs, but these will probably not last as long as designs that are printed on the fabric. Some sites online offer you next day delivery and allow you to draw your own design online or to upload photographs or to use templates and describe what you want. You don’t have to be an artist to design your own T-shirt .

It’s not just T-shirts that you can have your own designs printed on either, hoodies are popular as well as jeans and numerous other accessories. You can start with free clipart designs and add your own comment, and choose the font you want on your T-shirt.

You can say whatever your want on your T-shirt as the design companies do not censor comments. You can be cute, cheeky, flirty or downright obnoxious; whatever best goes with your character, or your mood.

So what are you waiting for? Go online and design the T-shirt you have always wanted, but never been able to find in the shops.

Donald Trump is a Political Douchebag – You’re Fired!

Every now and then there are people who I wish would just go away. Today, Donald Trump is that person. Why?

The Donald has now thrown his hat, or bad hair, into the ring for the 2012 Presidential campaign.


Trump running for President? Donald, please don’t ask Gary Busey to be your running mate or Joan Rivers to be your Secretary of State.

First off, the only political experience he has is dealing with other politicians in the New York and New Jersey commercial building, golf course, and casino business. Okay, so he knows how to pay people off and likes golf.

He also knows how to get D-list celebrities to make pizza, sell wedding dresses, and plug product placement deals on his show “Celebrity Apprentice”. But that type of extreme leadership pales in comparison to what it takes to be president.

And last week on “The View” he went on and on about how Barack Obama should just “step up” and produce a copy of his birth certificate. Oh no… another birther. I thought we had settled that a long time ago.

In a masterful attempt to “show how easy it was”, Donald produced for the media what he said was a copy of his own birth certificate. But there was only one problem.

What he actually produced was just an unofficial hospital birthing record – NOT his official birth certificate. That’s kind of embarrassing.

Trump even accused the Governor of Hawaii of a cover-up regarding the issue, and the Governor shot back calling Trump “a fool”.

Of course we all know that Trump could never really get elected, and I hope that deep down Donald himself realizes that – but I’m not so sure.

After all, four years in Washington would put a serious crimp in his television production schedule. He even told reporters that he couldn’t say anything about running until production on “Celebrity Apprentice” was over. Really?

Donald – there are too many real problems in this world for you to be wasting our time with some type of selfless promotion regarding running for president. You know you have zero chance of winning so please step aside and let the real contenders battle this out. In times like this I really miss Keith Olbermann’s “Worst person in the world” segment.

But Donald, since you seem to understand only one thing besides money, I will make this very easy for you to process…

Donald, you’re fired.

Homer Simpson’s Nuclear Power Plant Job in Jeopardy After Japan Disaster – D’oh

In a real world example of life imitating art, Homer Simpson has got himself into a little hot water these days – as in nuclear hot water.

It seems that Germany, Switzerland and Austria are none too thrilled with Homers clumsy and potentially dangerous antics in his day job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

The countries have joined together to review and pull several episodes of “The Simpsons” that show Homer causing problems at work in a nuclear power plant.

The series has a long history of showing “green glowing blobs” as a result of Homer’s inept work ethic.

In fact, the opening sequence shows Homer dropping a glowing piece of radioactive fuel rod, and one episode shows Homer and two of his friends playing “Toxic Barrel Rolling”.

The worst offender is an episode that shows Homer getting shot by Ned Flanders while in the nuclear control room and falling on the “Destroy Core” button causing a nuclear explosion that destroys Springfield.

And what about the episode showing a singing and dancing radioactive Mr. Burns?

Germany says it is screening every episode to make sure there are no bad references to nuclear health and safety shown on the air.

So far two episodes have already been pulled: Episode 66, “Marge Gets a Job”, featuring scientists Marie and Pierre Curie dying of radiation poisoning; and Episode 346, “On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister”, where jokes about a nuclear meltdown are made.

Executive producer Al Jean says that Homer will be keeping his job at the nuclear plant, and added;

"We have 480 episodes, and if there are a few that they don’t want to air in light of the terrible thing going on in Japan, I completely understand that.”

But where do you draw the line? Maybe countries should screen each episode looking for examples of bullying, irresponsible drinking, adultery, racial intolerance, and other socially unacceptable acts.

And why stop with the Simpsons? What about Jersey Shore, Two and a Half Men, and other wonderful programming?

No, we suggest you see it as it is – comedy, parody, and art. If you make too much of a stink then the government will feel compelled to get involved and then we’re all screwed. All that will be left will be reruns of I Love Lucy and The Lawrence Welk Show.

My take:

At the end of the day I think adults, and most children, know the difference between a real world disaster and a cartoon parody. If you have any doubt, then you should spend less time letting television mold your kids mind - and more time doing it yourself.

Enough said.

Beach Towel bib? LOVE IT!

Brian and I inherited a SLEW of bibs from family members, so while this project won't be something I'm going to be doing soon, it will be something I will do eventually.  EASY PEASY people.  If you can drive a car, you can operate a sewing machine.  This is SO simple!  If you don't have a sewing machine, you can borrow mine.  For reals.  Anyway, Oopsey Daisy posted over at Lilluana with a tutorial.  Her blog is ADORABLE.  Go follow her right now!!!  See ya on the flip side.

I obviously skipped a few steps! Ha!

Oh and ps- I have such an exciting project coming up... you're going to DIE!  So check back.  Promise?  I'm never good at keeping secrets, this is so hard!


Woman's Home Companion -1956 -Advance Patterns to Make Your Sewing Easier

Each of these stunners takes less than four main pattern pieces (some may have interfacings, ect.) No reason to delay...get sewing!