Tom Fletcher's Calvin Klein Waistband Glimpse

Check out this picture of McFly's Tom Fletcher flashing his Calvin Klein waistband. Personally i think Toms the hottest out of the bunch, those dimples just make him look perfect! There's alot of McFly underwear pictures so watch out for those later.

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Singer Sewing Machine 1920's Advertising Cards - American Song Birds - Part 3

This group includes the Birdbird, Wood Thrush, Orchard Oriole and the Baltimore Oriole, all beautiful. The ads include the Singer Portable Electrics, the various Cabinet Tables and things you could make with your wonderful new sewing machine including clothes for your children and your windows. Remember, there were "Shops in every city in the world"!

Brody Jenner Must Really Like Ethika Underwear

Just last Month i posted pictures of the reality star hunk sagging his pants and showing off his white Ethika boxer briefs at The Hills finale party, and while i was dying for more pics i found some! Enjoy these photos of Brody Jenner flashing his Ethika waistband!

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Singer Sewing Machine 1920's Advertising Cards - American Song Birds - Part 2

This group includes the Meadowlark, Brown Thrasher, Scarlet Tanager and the Mocking Bird. With ads talking about how with New Singer Portable Electric lets you sew "by your favorite window or in the living room at night with the family" or the Singer Sewing Motor, "The cost of operation is trifling, averaging about three hours of sewing for one cent". Then we have the "famous Singer No. 66, round bobbin machine, equipped with Singer Motor and Singerlight and enclosed in De Luxe Library Table No. 40" in "walnut, mahogany or brown mission". But "for those who prefer a special table for Singer portable electrics...Tables No. 301 and 304". There isn't much that you couldn't buy with the Singer name on it!

Singer Sewing Machine 1920's Advertising Cards - American Song Birds

This is a set of advertising cards put out by The Singer Sewing Machine Company, dated 1926, '27, '28, '29. They are each 4 1/2" x 6" and printed on fairly thin stock. Each one has a lovely bird illustration by J. L. Ridgway, a well known science and ornithological artist. The back of the card has information about the particular bird and an ad for some aspect of the Singer Sewing Machine empire.
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And Now For Something Completely Different...Groovy Things to Make with Bandanas!

Make skirts, halter tops, sleeveless shell, bedspreads, pillows, aprons, appliance covers, tablecloths, napkins and even curtains...all to show off your seventies chic!


What to Watch Out for Men Casual Wear in this summer

Clothing for work, especially in regard to offices, business transactions, has changed quite a while now. It is a fact that is no longer necessary to use a coat and tie to be smart. There are many options and combination, accompanied by appropriate accessories that you can take and still be stylish.

There is an expression in English, literally "business casual" can be translated to Spanish saying something like "executive but casual." But it's worth being clear on what fits the style parameters, to avoid errors and above all to preserve the taste.

For example, there are ways to wear a suit without looking like you're going to a wedding.


The trick is to clarify the suit has a bit of color underneath, for example blue, indigo, beige, or purple. This revives the color of the dress and adds a personal touch.

As for the men fashion shirts, the basic concept is that the less conspicuous the better. Opt for a plain shirt, but if you do not like, I suggest you try out the scratches.

For the coldest days, if it coats and divers, I recommend you have in your wardrobe a Bleiz or jacket of blue cloth. With this, rest assured that you'll always well dressed either to the days of coat and tie or those that will informal.

Maintain discretion and elegance, having your garments spotless. You could have the best designer clothes but impact would be terrible, if you use soiled or frayed. Watch these details, because believe me women do not ever forgive.

Like wearing jeans?

Mens fashion jeans are so popular today that you can find them everywhere, are central to the style as it is casual business attire, but we must take into account:

Can Match Your Favorite Tie With Jeans?

For your jeans are the perfect garment must include a good range of tones, you can combine a classic jeans with a dark blue dress shirt and a light-colored sports jacket. A blue jeans usually paler look great with a dark jacket or blazer.

But do not just blue jeans. The black jeans can be a lifesaver on a trip. Under a sport coat, give you entrance to many places where blue jeans have no place. At home, are a nice change of pace, especially if you want to look like a bohemian. Just keep your poetry to yourself. 

Do not make the common mistake of wearing a shirt with loose sleeves at the opening of a gallery. If the occasion is something serious, tight sleeves used (sample those biceps.) The shirts are going to wear under sport coats should have a bit of lycra or spandex, which makes it a bit to fit your torso.

If you're wearing tight jeans, wear a loose shirt to avoid "sausage?. Conversely, if your jeans are a little loose, wearing a shirt a little tighter to avoid the appearance of bin of dirty laundry.

The jeans must be worn with shoes with a matte finish and a thicker sole than dress shoes. For times lower in the scale of formality, wear shoes with thick soles, perhaps something like a boot or booty to scale with contrasting stitching or jumping. But if you're wearing jeans to a cocktail, climbs the ladder of sophistication with suede shoes or loafers. The jeans look best with a wide belt buckle has a flat, heavier than a formal.