It's been one day short of an entire month since my last blog post. If it wasn't for Sophia and her continuation to contribute, this could've been considered a hiatus. But alas, here I am -- fresh from a 2.5 week trip to Vietnam and Thailand, and bombarded & overwhelmed with ALL the fashion week fashion shows I opted to not look at while on vacay. (plus, muchmuchmuch to catch up on at locale)
Slowly, but surely  I will eventually get through all the amazing things to look forward to next spring. So far, so amazed. Loving Hannah Macgibbon's tiny ballerinas that tiptoed down the ChloĆ© show -- an up-rise in extreme flats do I see?

Oh blogworld, how I've missed you.

p.s. i'll be posting some photos from my trip as soon as i have the energy to flip through the 2000+ pictures i took.

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