Josh Duhamel in his Underwear for Movie Poster *Repost

Soon these pictures will be everywhere in movie theatres, sexy huh? Sexy actor Josh Duhamel is shown in white boxer briefs on the poster for his new movie Life As We Know It, I'm definitely watching this movie!

Bigger Pictures Inside!

Edit: Replaced old pictures with bigger ones, and added two new ones of josh showing his waistband in the same movie!

Behind the Scenes of Kellan Lutz CK Photoshoot Video *Repost

Check out this video from the  behind the scenes of Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein Photoshoot (WARNING MAYBE TO HOT TO HANDLE!).

How Do You Like the New Look?

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Natalia Vodianova and Roberto Cavalli's "Diva" bag

I'm in total lust with this Natalia Vodianova look. It's so far from her usual soft make-up and wavy hair. She's beyond beautiful.
And the new Roberto Cavalli bag? Awesome dosen't even cover it.

Casual Chic

Long straight style with side bangs.

Man Skin Care: Why Ingredients in Moisturizing Soap is so Important?

Showering has become a normal routine for most of us in this part of the world. Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, jump in the shower and get ready for our busy day. This is a habit we have grown up with and will continue for many years to come.

When we shower we usually use some bath and body products. We have shampoo for our hair and a form of soap for our skin and body. But how many of us have really spent time to read and understand what are the ingredients used in these products?

Most of us clean ourselves with bath soaps or shower gel. We use them everyday to wash and clean off our body during shower. However, soap or shower gel can do a lot more than just clean off dirt. In fact, our daily soap affects your skin. It can dry it out, or add moisture. There's why alot of companies design special moisturizing soap or shower gel to help with skin issues, such as body acne or dry skin issues that bothering most of us here.

The important thing when looking at bath and body products is to understand that all of those ingredients are being absorbed in to your skin, so when purchasing your soap or shower gel, it is always important to pay attention to the what's main ingredients are. Some will contain a lot of chemicals that can potentially irritate the skin or dry it out. Since everything is absorbed that you put on your skin, you will also be absorbing those chemicals in to your body.

That is why organic moisturizing soap or shower gel use full natural ingredients. Our skin does much better when chemicals are not involved. It also the reason why organic products are so well received in recent years.

So start to read the main ingredients of your moisturizing soap or shower gel today, and do some research to understand these ingredients that you are applying on your skin everyday will definitely help you to prevent any potential skin diseases.

Outfit of the Day: Floral and Striped

Topshop skirt

Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan

Anglomania and Melissa Shoes

Gold Heart Chain

Now that autumn's here I'm feeling awfully colorful...

Obsession: Chanel

If any jewelry is bound to make a statement, it would be the ever-recognizable Chanel pearl necklace. The long, multiple strands of pearls elegantly interspersed with charms and logos is niether vulgar nor obvious.
I want one.

Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign F/W 2010

Every season, I fall in love with Louis Vuitton a little bit more. At the unveiling of this ad campaign, I was more than sold.
Natalia Vodianova, Christy Turlington, and Karen Elson work their magic with Steven Meisel and his camera.

Outfit of the Day: Green and Lace

Stella McCartney Lace Sheath Dress

Guiseppe Zanotti Indian Malachite SandalLorranie Schwarts Emerald Earrings

Man Fashion Skin Care: Product of the Week

If you wake up one day and realize there is a line of wrinkles on you face, you could probably don't bother much about it. But hang on, why leave this unattended if you have the chance to take good care of your skin right now? Yes, I have tested the the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle &UV Damage Corrector for a month now and the results is just amazing. Our skin is exposed to constant aggressors from sun exposure to stress to pollution which deteriorate collagen and elastin which over time produces those lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and can reduced skin clarity.

The Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector is an easily absorbed affair, termed ‘de-ageing serum’, formulated to work day and night to reduce the appearance of those lines and wrinkles, and repair and help prevent UV damage with results similar to an (expensive) dermatological laser treatment. Clinique advise using three drops twice a day, courtesy of the syringe-like dispenser and in 12 weeks, you should achieve 63% of the visible wrinkle reducing power of a laser – not bad considering the extortionate cost of laser treatment!

The serum address 3 main areas of concern:


UV is still one of the leading causes of accelerated ageing. Harmful rays penetrate deeply into skin causing direct damage to cellular DNA and distortions in the skin’s regeneration process, and indirect damage from the release of free radicals. The visible results of sun damage include: breakdown of collagen, uneven skin texture and the early appearance of lines and wrinkles, the “solar scars” that are the noticeable proof of collagen loss from extended UV exposure.

A potent blend of three patented repair enzymes encapsulated in a liposome delivery system work to help visibly reverse UV damage and mend “solar scars.” This technology represents 20 years of clinical study into molecular delivery systems and aids penetration deep within the surface of the skin to dramatically revitalise the appearance of photo ageing.

  • Micrococcus Luteus (Ultrasomes V) – these liposomes work best at night to intensify the skin’s ability to visibly repair sun-inflicted damage from UVB rays.

  •  Photolyase Fermentate (Photosomes V) – absorbs visible light to promote natural cellular repair, working efficiently during daylight hours, to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin over time.

  •  OGG-1 Fermentate (Roxisomes) – derived from the mustard plant, protects cells from oxidative damage resulting from UV and intrinsic ageing.


A high-level peptide complex boosts natural collagen production and helps maintain existing natural collagen with essential ingredients. Skin becomes more firm, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is diminished. Targeted for application around the entire face and especially the delicate eye area, it works to help reverse one of the most visible signs of ageing by effectively smoothing and softening the appearance of eye creases.

  • Whey Protein – a natural, amino acid rich, polypeptide helps skin look and feel more firm and resilient while minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) – helps to plump the skin and increase natural collagen production, resulting in firm skin and minimised appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – this bio-peptide helps prompt natural collagen production.


Additionally, a cocktail of ingredients work to protect skin by helping to fight free radicals from environmental aggressors and to prevent future damage to the skin.

  • Vitamin C and E (Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate and Tocopheryl Acetate) – provide antioxidant protection from free radicals induced by UV.

  • Ergothioneine – this naturally occurring amino acid is a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect skin from environmental aggressors. Works with Vitamin C and E, helping to provide balance to the skin and helping to re-activate each other.

  • Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Juice Extract – contains Ellagic Acid to help protect the skin and defend the skin against visible damage.

We know all the above technical terms sound complicated, but for simplicity, we always look at the end results. For the matter of fact, it's work!! That's simple. :)

You can get yourself this product at Amazon at just $62.50.

Fashion Week's Shoes; Louboutin, Kirkwood,

Louboutin for Mary Katrantzou

Louboutin for Johnathan Saunders

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

The shoes I've seen these designers come up with at fashion week have left me generally speechless as they've been nothing short of beautiful. Any pair would be a greatful addition to my closet.


Eco Fashion Shows Updates

If you are care about environment, you should give some support to our eco-fashion designers. Let us update you the latest Eco-Fashion Shows for rest of the September month.

September 25-28
Paris – Since 2004 The Ethical Fashion Show has been bringingtogether designers who care about the environment and culture’s skills. From chic to traditional fashion including street wear, there’s something to suit all tastes.

September 27-30
Vancouver – Starting their inaugural Eco-fashion Week, a selection of some of  the best eco-designers from around the world will come together to showcase their latest collections of environmentally friendly, trend-setting fashion

 Do drop us a note if you have something to share, leave them in the comments and we’ll spread the news!

MAC Disney Venomous Villains! My Haul in Pictures and a Video Review/Swatches!...

I'm so glad I was able to make it to the MAC Venomous Villains collection early release party. Being a total Disney fan (and always kind of having an obsession with the villains) I went for the idea of the collection... not for the actual products. I know, shame on me. But I ended up leaving with quite a bit and finding some great things! Here are pictures of what I purchased. Be sure to check out my video as well (posted below) for more in-depth info, swatches, etc. Enjoy!

This collection was split between four Disney Villains: Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Cruella De-Vil, and Dr. Facilier. I didn't purchase every item from the collection. These are just the items that stood out to me.

...Yeah, so Dr. Facilier got no love from me. Had all the pigments, wasn't in to the "magic"-cooling-bronze loose powders. Those sound like a disaster waiting to happen with me. I was thinking about getting the Lipgelee with his full-body image plastered all over it, but I didn't want to buy it just to buy it...haha. Serious question though.... Where was Ursula and Jafar?? He wore eyeliner right? ...and Ursula liked her lipstick.

(Maleficent) Mineralized Eye Shadows in My Dark Magic (left), She Who Dares (right)

Beauty Powder in Briar Rose

Lipglass, (Maleficent) Revenge is Sweet (l), (Evil Queen) Strange Potion (r)

(Evil Queen) Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair

(Evil Queen) Powder Blush in Bite of an Apple

(Evil Queen) Eye Shadows in
Vainglorious (left)
Her Alter Image (middle)
Vile Violet (right)

(Cruella De-Vil) Eye Shadows in De-Vil (left), Sweetjoy (right)

(Cruella De-Vil) Lipstick in Innocence Beware!

Nail Polish in "Formidable!"