NEW Sigma Makeup Collection Swatches & Full Video Review

*All colors come within their set, in individual compacts. You can pop them out and arrange them however you want in the empty quad that comes with the set. So keep in mind, the placement of my colors in my quads may not match your own.

Smokey Eyes Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Start Me Up, Shine a Light
bottom, l-r: You Got the Silver, Paint it Black

Neutral Shades Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Angie, Brown Sugar
bottom, l-r: Brown Eyed Girl, Indian Girl

Fun Colors Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Sweet Virginia, Lady Jane
bottom, l-r: I got the Blues, Play with Fire

Blush and Highlight
top, l-r: Some Girls (blush), Moon Light Mile (highlight)
bottom, l-r: Not Fade Away, Ruby Tuesday

...I especially love that when you pop out the colors, the shade name is still visible and shows through to the back. can tell I've been enjoying that one! :) It's looking a little loved.

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Video is coming soon! :)