Amazing Argan Oil

So this is a more "hardcore" review... almost 2 months in the making!
Over the past few months I've been using a new product that I'm so excited about. I had heard of Argan Oil, but I wasn't really sure what to do with it. In my mind, it was simply a body moisturizer. Got plenty of those. Nothing I thought I needed. So when I first got the Argan Oil by Josie Maran Cosmetics, it honestly sat on the shelf for a few weeks. It was something new that I wasn't quite familiar with and had no plan on how to use it. When I started experimenting with it and read up on it's benefits, I realized that it is truly a multi-use product. So first of all, I started using it as a body moisturizer. I used it around areas that tend to get really dry like my elbows. It absorbed super quick and left no residue. Then my mind started working--- CUTICLES. Yes!! I would try it on my cuticles. So I did and I was completely impressed. As with a lot of typical products as labeled as actual "cuticle oil", I get great moisturization and results, but it takes a little while to absorb. With this, it absorbs super quickly so I can literally apply it right before walking out the door, rub it in quickly, and get on with my life without oily fingers. Best part is that I get the same moisturizing results and my cuticles are lookin' super healthy.
Now my absolute FAVORITE use for this is as a hair treatment. I color my hair a lil' bit...I'm not gonna lie. With that comes damage, but I feel that there are ways that you can give your hair the moisturization it needs and keep it healthy. So I've been using this oil to give my hair a little treat. I've done this several different ways-- There really are no rules when it comes to this stuff. If I use it on damp hair, I'll rub a few drops between my fingers and apply it to the ends of my hair only. That way when I dry it, it retains it's volume at the roots, but looks nice and healthy on the ends. For more intense moisturization, I'll apply it generously to dry hair. Make sure you reserve this ritual for lazy days at home, or even overnight. Sometimes, if I don't have time for this, I'll apply it as soon as I wake up to my dry hair just as before, but I'll leave it in for about 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. It really is an amazingly effective product for hair.
Of course, as I said before, you can use this as a body moisturizer. On especially dry areas, or in lieu of your regular lotion.
Besides being incredibly effective, an extra little "feel good" to this product is that it is 100% organic. Totally and completely 100% organic Argan Oil-- Only one ingredient. It also has virtually no scent which to me, is huge. When you first apply it, it has a slight natural almost herbal scent, but when it's rubbed in, the scent pretty much disappears.
The most amazing thing about this product though is that you can literally use it all over your body and it delivers amazing moisturization. However, it leaves no oily residue on the skin which normally occurs with an oil. It also makes my skin look incredibly glowy and healthy.
I'm addicted. My body lotion hasn't gotten any action in a month because of this stuff.

This is honestly something that is totally multi-use. Yeah, at $48, it seems a bit pricey, but when you think of all it does, it's totally worth it. It's like a hair treatment, body moisturizer, cuticle oil, etc. all in one. So it saves counter space too. Which for a product junkie like me, is always a good thing! =)

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