Romantic Summer Eyes: Josie Maran Cosmetics

Products used:
Josie Maran Cosmetics:
Fingerpaints quad in Sweet
Eye Shaodow:
Mascara in Black
Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion

Josie Maran Cosmetics:
Bronzing Powder in Beach No. 1
Cream Blush in Sunrise
Lip Liner in Blush
Lipgloss in Radiance


Fingerpaints quad in Sweet

Eye Shadow in Beach, Cinnamon, Valentine, EternityBeach




Lipgloss in Radiance, Plumping Lip Gloss in Darling

(Darling-top, Radiance-bottom)

Bronzing Powder in Beach No.1

Cream Blush in Sunrise

(bronzing powder-top, cream blush-bottom)

Man Fashion: Leggings for Men

To my surprise, men leggings have been a slow-burning trend. "Meggings" first turned up on overseas catwalks in 2007 - a lifetime ago in fashion years. Even before then, some of Hedi Slimane's leather pants for Dior looked more like leggings than pants. It was actually Slimane's obsession with men who looked like emaciated stick insects that spawned fashion's penchant for skinny-leg jeans and now leggings.

Among the fashion designers in 2009 Fashion collection, Givenchy and John Galliano were both designers who had designed their designs around with leggings.

So for those brave enough, you may want to embrace the latest fashion's craze this summer.

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My BDAY Wishlist

Since I love Miss Lorrainey (and her blog too) I figured I would join in the fun and do a b-day wish list also because hers was so fun.
For those of you wondering my birthday is July 16th (I'll be tha big 2-5...EEEEK)

*This is not an actual list I would give to someone or expect to get all of or anything. These are more like things I would just buy for myself...haha

My ultimate want for this year was a trip to Vegas...
...which actually is happening! Leaving July 9th with my friend Ashley. The trip began with a simple phone call to her from me explaining how we needed to go see New Kids on the Block again ( heard that right) toward the end of their tour somewhere close to home. Bad idea sending me to check out the remaining dates...I saw Vegas and my eyes lit up. Vegas...SO not close to where we So we're seeing them again at the Palms in Vegas on the 11th and turning it into a full out b-day weekend. So excited!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 35- Azur
I love the classic Speedy design. I have a traditional brown monogram Speedy 30 already and while I love the monogram print, I've always really wanted this particular light blue Damier print. I think it's a little less "flashy" and "WOOO loooka my Louis!!" than the monogram one. Plus I always feel weird when I carry something that is really flashy and has designer labels stamped all over it just because I always feel like a giant ass when I combine that with my Chanel Sunglasses or glasses. It's just too much. So I really love how understated this one is. Plus, it's just a gorgeous bag.
I live kind of close to a few LV stores, but I think it would be exciting to maybe buy in Vegas...?? ;) Especially since there's a LV store at my favorite place in the whole world--The Forum Shops....hmmm

Canon Powershot SX10is
Love this camera....NEED this camera. I was going to buy it a few months ago, but it had been on backorder for a while. It's in stock at my Best Buy now, so I might pick it up soon!

House of Harlow earrings
I looove both of these. I think Brad is getting them for me :)

Kirra White Suede Wrap bracelet
So cute and summery!

Wallflower refills from Bath and Body Works
I lOVE these. I have at least one in pretty much every room of the house. Yep. Even the closet :)
My favorite scents are Spiced Cider, Velvet Tuberose, Brown Sugar and Fig, Passion Fruit & Guava, and Coconut Lime Verbena.

***A long massage at my favorite spa***
I so need this. Period.

Classic Style: The Low Chignon

Men Fashion: 5 Most Expensive Men Shoes

In a time when most large shoe brands, such as Timberland, Nike, Reabok have outsourced their labor, a handful of boutique shoe craftsmen have remain committed to the quality and care of an expert touch. While some may opt for a $20 pair of mass produced shoes at Target, there are others who appreciate the work of a true craftsman. When it comes to the craft of shoe making, the following 5 are some of the finest ever made– and also the most expensive. In a celebration of the historic craft of shoe making, here are 5 of the most expensive men’s shoes in the world.  

Berluti Rapiécés Reprisés ($1,830) Founded in the year 1895, Bertuli’s shoes are produced in a bevy of colors and fit the natural footline. Supple leather just make make your feet go “ah!” if you can swing the price tag.  

New & Lingwood’s Russian Calf Shoes ($1,550) This circa-1865 label makes shoes from Reindeer leather have have been “cured in baths of rye, oat flour and yeast, hand-finished and soaked in wood liquor,” according to Forbes. Sounds gross? Only until you cast your eyes on these glossy, well-crafted beauties.


A. Testoni Norvegese ($1,500) Extremely lightweight and elegant shoes can be hard to come by, even when you are paying top dollar. A. Testoni Norvegese’s shoes are both ultralight and very sleek, so you could run to catch that train if necessary. Or at least know that you could.  

John Lobb 2005 Shoes ($1,280) Slick, smooth, and hard to replace, John Lobb’s shoes have an unusually streamlined shape and well thought-out color combinations. In this case, mahogany and ebony join together with the trimmest of laces.  

Tanino Crisci’s Lilian Shoes ($1,250) People might not know that these shoes were as expensive as they were– they won’t stand out in a crowd– but your suits and your toes will thank you. Supremely classic design is a perfect “10.” So do you think you will spend this amount of money for a pair of shoe? Do share your opinion with Man Fashion's readers.


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Paris Fashion Week: Les Hommes S/S 2010 Collection

Les Hommes hit the fashion week catwalk with very modern interpretations of suits and blazers, in primarily black and white. With just a little shine and bronze thrown in for good measure.

Les HommesThe Belgian designers developed form-fitting, cuffed shorts and jackets with elongated lapels. Monochromatic is looking really good for S/S 2010, especially if you pare things down to essential, impeccably tailored items.

Paris Fashion Week

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Cornrows & Double Strand Twists

Hair by Nedjetti Salon
Bloomfield, NJ & NYC

The King of Pop Leaves the Stage

There was a big shock for me on last Thursday, when I heard the news of Jackson sudden died.
Sadden because he was so young, because he led such a lonely, isolated life, and because he wasn't able to allow anyone close enough to him who could help him make better decisions about his life.

Michael Jackson was more than an icon he was an inspiration to all. No matter if that person was young or old. He is my inspiration because no matter how bumpy the road got or how times seemed to pull him down he just stayed himself and continued doing what he was doing.

Michael Jackson
I adored Michael Jackson because of that and it shows me that i shouldn't let anything or anybody get me or keep me down.
King of Pop
Thank you so much for the music you have shared to the world and to me. You'll always be in our memories for as long as we all shall live. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!!!!!!!!

Find out some of his albums from Amazon:-

Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller

Michael Jackson - Video Greatest Hits - HIStory

Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour

Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection

Michael Jackson Fashion
Michael Jackson: 'Blood On The Dance floor - History In The Mix

Michael Jackson: Beat It

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Man Fashion Tips: Tricks to Trimp Mens Look

Dad probably gave you a lot of advice - some of which you've chosen to ignore. Maybe he tried to regale you with stories of how things were done in "his day."

Did he ever mention trips to the tailor?

Working with a tailor to retrofit both old and new clothes was once considered commonplace, especially for men who wanted sleeve lengths adjusted on suit jackets, trousers taken in or let out as their weight fluctuated, and fabric tears on their favorite garments repaired.

Mens Fashion Suits
But then came fast fashion: You buy what you need for that moment in whatever size you are at the time, with no consideration of longevity. Once there's a rip or the fabric pulls too tight, its service is no longer needed.

Don't be surprised, though, if the pendulum swings back toward the tailor, a service often offered by retailers for a small fee, and sometimes for free. The fashion industry says consumers are showing a greater interest in timeless styles and well-made investment pieces, and if you are going to have clothes for a long time, you may as well make sure they fit properly.

You may look a little trimmer in the process. So start to look for professional tailor today and get your cloth fix.

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Short Bob

Courtesy of Tony Valadez


Not much to say in these days, primarily because there's not much to do, except read. And when things are like this, Facebook has the annoying tendency of being a better outlet for foolish updates.
No matter, we shall change that. Make this blog a worthwhile occupant of its internet space. Yessire you can count on me.
So, where do we start? I dunno. I'll post some cool stories when I have some cool stories to post about. But for now, I think I'll go to the library.
P.S. Read Orwell, he's amazing. And listen to Rachmaninov. And Chopin. And have fun while you can.

Nails: Shower Together

China Glaze: Shower Together

hmmm ... not too much to say here. But I love it! It's a tad more green than photographed. Actually the top picture is pretty close to the actual color. :)