Man Fashion: Tom Ford With Moore and Firth

Tom Ford is finally going public with his movie plans.

As I told you earlier in my blog, the fashion prince will make his directorial debut with a movie adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 novel, A Single Man.

Colin Firth will star as a gay college professor who is dealing with the death of his longtime lover. Julianne Moore costars as a lifelong friend of the professor’s.

While early talk was Jamie Bell would play one of his students, it turns that role has gone to Matthew Goode.

The story takes place in 1962 in Los Angeles. Filming will begin in L.A. on Nov. 3.

Ford spoke publicly about wanting to get behind the camera when he left Gucci in 2004. He acquired movie right's to A Single Man about a year ago.

He also started his own men's fashion line last year with stores in New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Los Angles and Moscow, among many others.


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Natural Style

Man Fashion: Casual Business Clothing

Presentation is everything when it comes to business clothing, As everyone should know the first impression is almost important. Hence, right business clothing, be traditional, casual classic, or smart casual can actually help a person's level of confident and chance of being successful too. Therefore, working business men are always in search for ways to differentiate themselves from their peers, and what better way to do it than to look different?

Unless you are in the fashion industry, dressing too faddishly will have your bosses wondering if you are more concerned with your wardrobe than your job. So instead of formal business attire, most of the men moved to Casual Business Clothing.

Three Level of Business Clothing

The new business casual look evolved as Silicon Valley opened up the world to young entrepreneurs and a more relaxed way of doing business. Casual business clothing comes to three basic levels: classic, smart and relaxed.


Traditional business and Classic casual business clothing is elegant. These two level of business dress call for an elegant, clean finish to your look.

Traditional business wear consists of a suit, shirt and tie. It is the most formal of business attire. The suit is made of well constructed suiting. The suit jacket should always be buttoned up, except when sitting perhaps.

Casual business classic is a small step down from traditional. It works best when you want to create an overall impression of professionalism, authority, dependability. The jacket is the key in casual business classic fashion. But bear in mind that it should not match your trousers, as that will dress it up to the traditional level.

This casual business classic clothing style is most suitable if your business is based in outdoor lifestyles and products.

Casual Business Smart Style

Casual business smart works best when you want to create an overall impression of accessibility, friendliness, competence, creativity.

So for this look, you only need a neat trousers and a shirt. If you happen to have a jacket with you, remember to loosen the jacket to create the dress down effect.

Casual Business Relaxed Style

Casual business relaxed look are most welcome on end of the week, ie. Friday. The key item is denim. This is the most relaxed form of dressing and should only be worn when you are definitely not expecting to meet any clients. However, Casual Business Relaxed Clothing are also well received by technology group of people working in Silicon Valley.

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Keyshia Cole : Updo

Keyshia Cole : Updo

Man Fashion: Men Finery Code

When refer to Men Finery Code, one that you should focus on is the whole dressing attire rather than small portion of the whole, which include clothing, accessories and others that could affect your appearance.

So let breakdown a day into 2 major time frame, daytime and evening, and how you should dressing in style.


Formal Day Dress/Morning Coat
It is most commonly worn to weddings, and occasionally seen at the other important functions. This dress code consists of striped pants with braces, a cutaway grey or black jacket or other darker color if you like, a white shirt (normally) a grey silk cravat (optional of course), black shoes and a waistcoat in grey. beige or black.

Keep it Light and Simple
Wear lighter colors during the day to look your best. Save black for evenings. Keep your outfit simple is another key to daytime glamour.

Jeans can be appropriate as long as clean and fit well
Just to make sure it suitable for the ocassions you are going to.

Lose the tie, not your credibility
A crisp shirt left open at the neck with in a fabulous pair of cufflinks will dress any outfit up. Make sure it is a good quality fabric that will not have you looking as if you slept in it after an hour or two.


White Tie Formal
This is the most formal of all styles of dressing. You can choose between a white or black jacket, but you will definitely wear a white bow tie or white dinner shirt.

Black Tie Formal
Traditionally, black tie events require a bow tie and white dinner shirt. Some non-traditionalists will wear a black cravat or a naru collared shirt with a collar button.

Cocktail/After 5/Lounge Suit
In all of these style you will always look perfectly presented in a smart suit and tie. You can always check with the organizers, sometimes ties could be optional too.

Wing it
Never wear your wingtip shoes or brogues with your wingtip shirts. Your shoes should be plain black leather for evening functions.

Lastly, it is advisable to keep the pockets of dinner suit sewn up, this is to ensure the shape of the pocket is in shape, and to resist the temptation of hanging your hands in there and stretching the line of the jacket.

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This must Be Heaven

Geeeee, so very pretty. Sigh, if only I could have them it would be a dream come true (not actually but you know what I mean). I catch myself sometimes seriously thinking of spending all my savings on these if I didn't have enough notebooks already.
But guys, now you know what present would make me really happy. :D

Man Designer Fashion Accessories Essentials

When we talk about Man Designer Fashion Accessories, items that come to my mind are fashion designer tie, fashion designer sunglasses, fashion designer watch, handkerchief, designer shoes, fashion designer wallets, sandals, cellphone, mp3 etc. There are plenty of brands from Man Fashion Designers out there. You can find some designer fashion accessories are expensive and some are affordable. More importantly, what are the most essentials a man should look out for when come to designer fashion accessories.

Designer Fashion Essential 1 - Never Substitute Quantity for Quality
Buying in bulk can leave you looking as if you have a lots of cheap pieces at your wardrobe. But when come to man designer fashion, it is the quality that count. Hence, choose your designer fashion accessories wisely, they are your assets in your future.

Designer Fashion Essential 2 - Organize Your Wardrobe
Trousers, suits at one side, and fashion accessories at the other side etc. It will make finding the correct combination so much easier.

Designer Fashion Essential 3 - Always Feel Confident in What You Wear
As I always said, if you leave your house with second thoughts on what are you wearing on that day, it is most probably you got the wrong combination.

Designer Fashion Essential 4 - Do the "Blink" Test
Stand in fornt of a full length mirror, Look at yourself quickly and see what image you have given to yourself. Do all of these fashion accessories work together with your clothes? Likewise, always test this out when you decide to buy something at the outlets. I always think women are more smarter than men when come to this.

Designer Fashion Essential 5 - Ensure Your Fashion Designer Accessories are appropriate to the occasion
Most of the time we do mess the accessories and the locations or occasion up. So if possible, check with the organizers before you attend any functions or party.

Designer Fashion Essential 6 - Don't leave home without a Handkerchief
I am sure most of the younger don't has this habit. As everyone is now more and more aware and concern about environment around us. It is always a good practice to carry handkerchief rather than paper tissues, you play your part and the rest will take care of it.

Lastly, you can always add more colours and designs to all your accessories, so you will not out of fashion and colour to match, be it formal or casual wear.

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Me and Mel are offically twins...or so people say.
But tell you see any resemblance??

Laila Ali: Long Hair

Laila Ali - Long Hair

Emo, ummmmm poetry???

Yep. This is what happens when you stick me and Ozie in a room, all alone, with only a rinky-dinky old computer to pass the time.....
Anyway, let's get on with this.


Tears like spears
Eating at my insides
Tearing out the pages
Of my long forgotten life

Kagaroos in the forest
And zebras in the jungle
Hippos on the moon
The cow ran out of milk

Jump jump and never stop
Fly away and lose your top
Eat coconuts on an island
Sink with the atomic bomb

Handprints dripping paint
That tainted your presence
What was supposed to be a saint
Instead brought a wrong essence

I know, you don't have to tell us. It's just beautiful.
We are so winning the noble prize for literature with this Oz.

Curly Afro - Natural Hairstyle

Curly Afro - Natural Hairstyle
Courtesy of Derrick Scurry

Man Fashion: Y-3 Collection

Today, I am going to introduce this to you, in fact is not so new after all, but has been well received by younger generation lately. So what am I talking about? Yes, Y-3.

Y-3 is the highly exclusive collaborative project between Adidas and cult Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. The meaning of the name is clear to see; the Y standing for Yamamoto and the 3 being the famous three stripes of Adidas Y3

Allegedly influenced by the all-encompassing image of Y3 Adidas`s three stripe logo adorning Tokyo kids, Yamamoto y3 chose to integrate their logo into clothes. This led to the clothing, footwear and accessories collections by Y3.

This differed from other collaborations because the collection was designed from scratch rather than changing existing designs, giving Yamamoto total creative freedom to create the Y3 COLLECTIONS.

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Man Fashion: Must Have Timepiece - ToyWatch

If you are thinking this is Toy's Watch, I bet you make a big mistake. ToyWatch has been well received by celebrity communities in recent years, and it become the must have timepiece to have in most of men and women wrist. Most important, this brand actually give you the celebrity style as well as affordable price.

In the fall of 2006, Milan-based designer and wristwatch aficionado Marco Mavilla designed the first ToyWatch. A lightweight, oversized plastic watch, inspired by high design timepieces, ToyWatch is unexpected, arresting and irreverent. Under the direction of fine-watch collector and ToyWatch USA CEO, Randy Gordon, ToyWatch was brought to the USA in the summer of 2006.

ToyWatch has become the "it" wristwatch and the "must-have" item among style influentials and tastemakers, supporters include Robbie Williams, Michael Jordan, Jack Osborne, Johnny Knoxsville, Clive Owen, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton... the list goes on!

What distinguishes ToyWatch from the '80s phenomenon is the resulting aesthetic. The bezeled edges and chronographs might be made mostly of plastic, but they have the sophisticated approach of a Rolex.

Find out more from the official website.

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Man Fashion: Why Man Cheat?

Dear readers, I just came across this interesting survey, and thought of sharing with all of you here as well as listen to your comments.

What makes men cheat? Marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman surveyed 200 cheating and non cheating husbands to get at the real reasons behind men's infidelity. So here are some of his findings. Let see whether you do agree on these points.

1. 48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the primary reason they cheated.
So much for the myth that for men, cheating is all about physical intimacy. According to the author: "But men are emotionally driven beings too. They want their women to show them that they're appreciated, and they want women to understand how hard they're trying to get things right." The problem is that men are less likely than women to express these feelings, so you won't always know when your guy is in need of a little affirmation. "Most men consider it unmanly to ask for a pat on the back, which is why their emotional needs are often overlooked," Neuman says.

66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair.
Clearly, guilt isn't enough to stop a man from cheating. "Men are good at compartmentalizing feelings," Neuman explains. "They can hold on to their emotions and deal with them later." So even if your partner swears he would never cheat, don't assume it can't happen. It's important for both of you to take steps toward creating the relationship you want.

3. 77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated.
Hanging around friends who stray makes cheating seem normal and legitimizes it as a possibility. The message he's subconsciously telling himself: "My friend is a good guy who happens to be cheating on his wife. I guess even the best of us do it." Hey, I just wonder is this the reason?

4. 40% of cheating men met the other woman at work.
"Oftentimes the woman he cheats with at the office is someone who praises him, looks up to him, and compliments his efforts," Neuman says.

5. Only 12% of cheating men said their mistress was more physically attractive than their wife.
n other words, a man doesn't stray because he thinks he'll get lucky with a better-looking body.

6. 73%
of cheating men had physical intimacy with a woman after meeting her more than a month.

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Elegant Bun

Elegant Bun

Men Fashion: Tuxedo Essentials

by Melanie Bernds

Tuxedo Essentials: Master the final points of Formal Wear
A Brief History
Contrary to common belief, colorful tuxedos were not an invention of the 1970's and 1980's. In fact, brightly colored formal wear was the rule in the courts of England until the early 1800's when a certain Beau Brummell appeared at a formal function in black and white. While Mr. Brummell caused quite a stir, he also began a fashion trend that has yet to die.

A second major transformation in formal wear occurred in the 1890's in Tuxedo Park, New York, when tobacco tycoon Griswold Lorillard appeared at the Tuxedo Park Ball in a black version of the English smoking jacket. Until that time, black coat tails and a white bow tie had been the tradition. Like Brummell, Lorillard caused quite a stir and started a trend that continues. He was also influential in naming this new outfit the "tuxedo", after the city in which it debuted.

Though colorful tuxedos can be seen in the windows of many formal wear stores, the most widely worn selection is the black tuxedo. The jacket may be single or double-breasted with notched, peaked or shawl lapels. Tuxedo pants traditionally have a strip of satin or grosgrain running down the outer seam of the leg.

Dress shirts may be constructed of fine broadcloth or voile. They are generally white with subtle front pleats, French cuffs, and a wing or turned-down collar. Traditional bow ties are black satin or grosgrain, though brightly colored and patterned bow ties are very popular today.

Essential Accessories
A waistcoat OR a cummerbund should be worn with a tuxedo, but never both. Waistcoats are formal vests, usually made out of a contrasting silk or matching wool. Cummerbunds are worn around the waist, attaching in the back with a small clasp. A cummerbund should match the bow tie. Tradition calls for cummerbunds to be worn with the pleats facing up. (The folds of a cummerbund were once used for storing theater tickets.)

"Tuxedo shoes" are best characterized as lightweight, black, and free of ornamentation. They are traditionally patent leather pumps or seamless lace-ups. They should be worn with lightweight black stockings.

Levels of Distinction: White Tie vs. Black Tie
It is important to note that there are several levels of formal dress, the two most formal being "black tie" and "white tie."

For a black tie social function, appropriate attire consists of a black tuxedo and dress pants, a white dress shirt with turned-down collar, a black or patterned bow tie and cummerbund, black formal socks, and plain black or patent leather oxford shoes.

For a white tie event, nothing less than full dress attire will do. White tie is the most formal of formal wear and includes silk-face black coat tails and dress trousers, white pique dress waistcoat and matching bow tie, white pleated dress shirt with wing collar and French cuffs, formal socks, patent leather shoes, and pearl cuff links or studs. The look is completed with a dark overcoat, white gloves and scarf, and an opera hat.

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Man Fashion: Untitled Innovative Fashion

Mens fashion and style interests men more today than ever, as they realize that looking good is an asset in every aspect of their lives: Business, personal or, social.

The fact is, youngsters are now moving into more innovative fashion and style which will give them unique personality and impression. As we always said "personality may be great but first impressions count."

Bought by, ‘Untitled' is the innovative new menswear project initiated Developed from the idea that limited edition products captivate men, ‘Untitled’ invites experts in denim, vinyl, trainers, sunglasses and new designers, to collate, and then offer to, a series of rare, hard to find or limited edition products for sale. The project propels menswear forward on and highlights some of the current creativity in men’s fashion and lifestyle products.

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