Man Fashion: Pink Color for Men?

Came across a very good article on pink fashion for men. I just can't resist to reproduce this article in this blog to share with the rest of you.

There is something very much alluring about the pinks. This could be because, psychologically pink color is known for having a calmer effect. This could be also because pink compliments almost all skin tones, unless you have more of pink tone in your skin. A man wearing something is pink exudes complete confidence, although still sensitive. It could also be a simple fact that pink is quite easy to coordinate with most of the colors present in your wardrobe. Pinks go well with tans, navys, greys, and some other hues of blue. If you are not yet convinced with how great pink looks, women too love pink and are likely to take a second glace of yours. If you haven’t got ant pinks as yet then you might consider trying one. You can incorporate this, pink, magical color to your wardrobe in various styles.

Pink color is associated with tranquility and romance. There is a recent trend found, men wearing tie and shirts in pink. You must have heard “real men wear pink”. Men wearing pinks scream of being confident and bold. If you are all set to commit to pink dress shirt, pink sweaters, suits, t-shirts and ties would be a way to subtly infuse pink color to the wardrobe. Men wearing pink are making a style statement. Pink is sure to add glam to your appearance.

Pink sweaters
You must have seen many celebrities on screen wearing pink sweaters. A pink crew-neck cashmere sweater teaming with a pair of dark colored trousers would simply look great. Pink sweaters would allow you to look sexy. It proves that something as simple and classic as a pink sweater can easily be the show stopper.

Dress shirts

One of the easiest ways of incorporating pink to you wardrobe is getting pink dress shirts. These could be easily worn under the sweaters, with suits, jeans or trousers. You can find many men wearing pink dress shirts. You are sure to get compliments from your colleagues if you are wearing it at workplace. This pink dress shirt would breathe in a complete new life and would allow you to look unique. It is definitely a winning look.

Pink suits and trousers
Summer and spring seasons are perfect for wearing pink trousers and suits. You might be having quite a hard time visualizing this. However, suit and trousers means the seersuckers or the light cotton ones. Pink suits and trousers make perfect wear while going for a party of a wedding too.

Men’s t-shirts in pink look great. Pink stripes would be a great way to go with. Pink t-shirts look trendy, yet elegant. You can also opt for pink stripes if you are not completely confident of wearing plain pink tee.

Pink accessories
You cannot commit more of a substantial garment in pink, but can start off with small. You could go with some superb pink ties, hats and scarves. They are sure to add charm to your look.
Many men are seeking out to infuse pink to their wardrobe and make a fashion statement.


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Vain Babbalings

Today is Amelia's birthday, she's officially not a baby anymore. My daddy and Mel and Ozie are coming back from Los Belones today, (about bloody time, the poor people) and Mishu is gonna try and terrify them by wearing a pink polka dotted skirt and some yellow top. I think it just might work. Tomorrow is the long awaited party, and there will be a grand total of 26 people, out of which only 3 are guys. I'm telling you, spain needs new blood. I'm supposed to go make the schedule now but I really don't want to. So it makes me very happy that Mel is coming home, so she can take it over again. Yayyyy. So I guess that's it. Rmember to be happy everyone, even though you miss me so very much.
Okay, bye bye.

Oh no, wait, one more thing. Watch this, it gave me a good laugh.


I'm sorry. He's just to beautiful not to post about. I miss him.

The Side Swipe

A Smooth Move

Classic Updo With Tiara

Classic Updo With Tiara

Short Bob

Short Bob

Has it ever occured to you...

....why in movies it shows all the cool people crack their knuckles before they beat each other up???

Is that supposed to be scary?

Really, it just means they have a bad habit.

Man Fashion: Car Shoe

Founded by creative artisan Gianni Mostile in 1963, Car Shoe embodied Mostile’s two passions – race cars and hand-made shoes that sparked the invention of a moccasin with a sole set on tiny rubber nubs.

The ‘car shoe’ earned Mostile not only a patent from the Italian Ministry of Industry Trade; it also garnered Mostile a large group of sophisticated connoisseurs that included Giovanni Agnelli, Roberto Rossellini, and Lapo Elkann among others.

Prada acquired control of Car Shoe in 2001, opening flagship stores in Milan and introduced the line into over 200 major boutiques internationally. Spring-summer 2004 saw the launch of its first bag collections.
Car Shoe @ Milan

The layout foresees the classical Car Shoe frame that outlines a single image, emphasizing the classical driving shoe, which is styled in different shades of crocodile leather, constant element of an informal and refined lifestyle.

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Man Fashion: Sir Sean Connery

If you are old enough, you should know who is Sir Sean Connery, or at least watched his movies before. If not, maybe I can share some his background story with you here. Sean was born into a working class family in August of 1930, at sixteen, he enlisted in the Royal Navy. His glorious moment was he took on the movies on Secret Agent 007 in six of Ian Fleming's Bond movies over a decade: Dr. No (1962), Goldfinger (1964), From Russia, With Love (1964), Thunderball (1965), and You Only Live Twice (1967), and Diamonds are Forever (1971).

In 1989, at almost 60 years of age he was voted People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive." When advised of the award, Sean seemed to be unaffected as he replied, "Well there aren't many sexy dead men, are there."

So this Scottish acting legend has celebrated his 78th birthday by launching his memoirs at a sell-out event in Edinburgh. Launched Being A Scot in front of a 300-strong crowd, which included First Minister Alex Salmond, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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Gorgeous Half Up, Half Down Style

Gorgeous Half Up, Half Down Style

Business Attire - Signs of a Good Fit Part II

I am sure some of you must have been waiting this for quite sometime. First of all, I am really sorry as I was tied up with something else, and finally here I am to put down the Part II of Business Attire - Sign of Good Fit.

Jacket Waist
When you button your jacket, it should cinch tightly enough around the waist to create slightly visible tension lines.
Useful Tips: If the tension lines extend into a large, pro-nounced X-shape, mean the jacket is too tight!

Trousers Waist
The waist of dress trousers is designed to sit higher than casual pants. Nevertheless, you want them to sit comfortably, so wear them during your fitting as you anticipate doing regularly. Well, this is to ensure that you crotch is not dangling absurdly low in everyday use.

Trousers Fit
In keeping with the narrow silhouette that you've established from the waist up, your trousers should be trim throughout. Remember, is trim, but not tight! If your pants have pleats, they should not be pulling open from tension.

Trousers Break
Your pants should break once on the top of your shoe, and only once. They should be cut slightly longer at the back, so they hang roughly an inch above the ground, We shouldn't see your sock when you're walking, and neither your pants touching the floor while walking.

So here it end the Business Attire - Sign of good fit. I hope you enjoy and find this man fashion tips helpful.

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Short-to-medium bob

A short-hair updo style, worn flawlessly by Iman.

A short hair/updo style, worn flawlessly by Iman.

Sniff Sinff

The Olympics came to a close today, how sad. Whatever will we do at 1 o'clock in the morning now? The crazy Spanish sports commentators and the laughs they gave us will be missed(Example, and say it all Very fast: GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL VIVA ESPANA!!!!!!!!! please forgive the lack of the wavey thing over the "n", this is not a spanish keyboard.)
I picked up a lot of spanish over these 20some days thanks to the olympics.
So we shall have to wait till London 2012 for the next games, and who says I'll be in spain by then?? Oh and by the way, I am sooooo very scandalized about the closing ceremony. Meaning Jimmy Page preforming with Leona Lewis. I mean, dude, you were part of LED ZEPPILIN for crying out loud. How did you end up singing with her?

Man Fashion: Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008

Once again, has started the Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008 reader’s poll this year. The purpose of this poll is to determine who have been the most influential men in 2008? Over the past 12 months, which guys have had the biggest impact on the way other men behave, buy and think? has a good enough idea to have assembled the shortlist of candidates.

Basically, the poll focus on the how these influential men have the biggest impact on you:-

HOW YOU BEHAVE – The way you dress or talk
HOW YOU BUY – The movies you see or the magazines you buy (those that feature them)
HOW YOU THINK – About a character they played, a story they brought to life, or causes they endorse

Total of over 100 influential men been nominated in 5 main categories, ie. Actors, Musicians, Businessmen and Politicians, Athletes, Cultural Icons and lastly Designers.

Designers that being nominated are:-
  • Jacques Herzog
  • Thom Browne
  • Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialist
  • Dries Van Noten
  • Rem Koolhaas

So who is your most influential designer? Cast your vote now.

Find out more at Top 49 Most Influential Men

Fashion Focus Chicago 2008

One of the even in this year Fashion Focus Chicago 2008, Representing Chicago’s 27 sister cities, high-end international designers based in Chicago and abroad rock the runway with their most-coveted fashions. A testament to the city’s burgeoning fashion industry, this show debuts internationally based designers to the local fashion scene.

This year in a fashion-forward, world-premiere collaboration between TOYOTA concept creators and Chicago-based fashion designers, you’ll be the first in America to see the latest in personal mobility design (TOYOTA i-REAL) and fashion.

Designers representing sister cities Warsaw, Poland; Milan, Italy; and Shanghai, China bring it all to life with i-REAL-inspired, concept fashions.

Find out more this at Chicago Fashion Resource.

Man Fashion: Japan Designer Yoshiyuki Ogata

Ninjas don't wear sweatshirts. Yoshiyuki Ogata, a Tokyo fashion designer whose street fashion is stocked in upscale L.A. and London boutiques, took his fashion cues from the rich traditions of local design, but not from some Parisian or New York City atelier.

Hence, instead of a hip-hop hoodie, Ogata wears a sleek hooded jacket that zips up to show only the eyes, a self-made creation inspired by what ninjas used to wear during their stealthy missions.

"Because Japan was an isolated island for so long, there is so much that is unique about our culture," says Ogata, whose design for the Japanese contestant in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant won the best national costume award.

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Yayyyyy it's over!
Meaning the three days of working at Aqua, i.e. the shopping center that hires us each week for ballooning. But this time,in occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix here in Valencia, which by the way is a BIG thing, the owner deiced to hire us to do publicity for the mall. Fun fun.
He said he was gonna hire models for the job but then went with us....cus we're so pretty. Am I supposed to feel good about that??? Nope.
So yeah, pretty much what we had to do was walk around Valencia for six hours straight handing out flyers. Thankfully no camera was available so we all can be spared footage of me attacking people with little papers.

Short hairstyles for the modern Black bride.

Short hairstyles for the modern Black bride.

Updo with flowers and ornaments

Updo with flowers and ornaments

The Beyonce Updo

Beyonce Updo

Natural blow-out.

Another half up, half down hairstyle